Next generation auto-completion replacement for Funnelback.
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This is only applicable to Funnelback 15.10 and earlier. Funnelback 15.12 and newer should use the supported Concierge auto-completion code which provides all the functionality detailed here.

This code implements next-generation auto-completion functionality for Funnelback and is designed to replace the jQuery UI-based funnelback-completion.js that ships with Funnelback.

The concierge implementation is based on Twitter Typeahead, Handlebars and Bloodhound and provides a rich auto-completion feature set.

Features include:

  • Support for multiple auto-completion sources
  • Supported auto-completion sources:
    • simple (organic)
    • structured (rich) - based off CSV
    • faceted
    • search-based
  • Various display options including multi-column support
  • Each source can be independently configured and templated
  • Simplified integration with existing websites

Usage and installation

Working demonstration