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Galaxy Admin Training logo: GTN star over center of a galaxy background with the text Galaxy Admin Training

logo based on a Hubble Image

Galaxy Administration Training


Everyone is expected to abide by the Galaxy Code of Conduct (CoC). We want this to be a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone! Please see the CoC for more information and the point of contact for any issues.

After the Training

Everything you were taught in the past few days can be found in the admin section of the Galaxy Training Materials.

For those of you who also need to do some Galaxy development, there is a dev section of training materials for those topics as well. There you can learn to integrate webhooks and tours, and learn about advanced tool development. For those who need to teach Galaxy or want to contribute training materials, we have lots of tutorials for you!


Chat with us on Gitter!

For your Users

We recommend setting the helpsite_url in your Galaxy configuration to point to where users can go and chat with each other. It's a great resource to help your users be independent and self-sufficient in their Galaxy learning. Admins are welcome too!

And don't forget that many, many training materials already exist covering different areas of *omics and other research done with Galaxy. This can be a great resource for either giving training courses to your users (join the train-the-trainer session at GCC if you want to learn more) or to just point users to as a self-directed learning resource.

If you're asked to provide training infrastructure for your users, but do not have the capacity to support this, provides training infrastructure for free.