A hot game prototype jammed out at AI & Games Dagstuhl Seminar 2015.
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The Smuggler's Code

A hot game prototype about machine learning and smuggling


The Smuggler's Code is a game prototype developed at the 2015 Dagstuhl seminar on AI and Games. We'll expand this with a nice README later and some polishing and extension, but the short pitch is: we wanted to make a game about understanding, playing against and ultimately deceiving a machine learning system.

You play as a smuggler trying to secretly label boxes to communicate with a contact on the other side of a customs checkpoint. The smuggler is trying to learn the code you use to indicate a box is contraband - but an inspector is randomly checking boxes too. Can you design and redesign your secret codes to stop the inspector learning your patterns? Will you still manage to sneak your code through to your contact and smuggle your goods out of the country?

Credits (in reverse alphabetical order):

  • Alex Zook
  • Tommy Thompson
  • Gillian Smith
  • Adam Smith
  • Michael Cook
  • Alex Champandard

More coming soon!

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