A Github Page template to show off your 3D printer model or project.
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Note: There is a major limitation to this template due to Github's API rate limit, see issue #5 for details.

Also, I consider the thing-tracker-site-template to be a successor to this project. Have a look at this blog post for more details.

This is a Github Page template to show off your 3D printer model or project. Inspiration clearly taken from the excellent Thingiverse.


  • Create a github project.
  • Add and commit content (sources, stl files, images), into separate folders.
  • Create an empty gh-pages branch. See http://pages.github.com for further information.
  • Copy (not clone!) the contents of this githubiverse-template project into the root directory of the gh-pages branch.
  • Edit _config.yml: Define metadata about the project and edit the preferences as required.
  • Edit index.md: Add a description, in markdown format, in the bottom section, or alternatively, use the description_file option in _config.yml to use file contents from the project root.
  • Optionally, modify the html and css to suit your tastes.
  • Test locally with jekyll, or commit and push to github.
  • When pushed, view at http://yourusername.github.com/yourprojectname, an example project can be seen here: http://garyhodgson.github.com/githubiverse-tst