Erpiam is an Embedded Raspberry PI 3 Linux Distribution for Audio and MIDI use. All the heavy lifting is done by Buildroot.
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Erpiam is an Embedded Raspberry PI 3 Linux distribution for Audio and MIDI


This Linux distribution is extremely minimal and configured for low latency and high performance. No services are started at all and a single main application will be launched at the end of the boot process, running full-screen.

Main application

This is currently an example JUCE application, called erpiam-main. It is configured in the 'package/erpiam-main' directory, refer to the Buildroot documentation to make changes. If another binary should be launched during boot, you might have to tweak the executable that is launched in the init script 'board/erpiam/overlay/etc/init.d/S99main'.

The sources of the example JUCE application can be found here:


To build Erpiam, do the following:

  1. run 'make erpiam_defconfig'
  2. run 'make'
  3. wait while it compiles
  4. find the kernel, bootloader, root filesystem, etc. in output/images

The file 'output/images/sdcard.img' can be used to install Erpiam on an SD card.

Detailed information about how to install images for Raspberry PI on SD cards can be found on the official Raspberry PI website:

Here's a video that shows an example of Erpiam in action:

Erpiam in action


To customize Erpiam, do the following:

  1. run 'rm -rf output' to clear all the previous build products
  2. run 'make menuconfig'
  3. navigate towards 'Target packages' and press enter
  4. the top-entry is Erpiam with options underneath
  5. pressing the '?' key when an option is highlighted will provide documentation
  6. press ESC twice to exit
  7. select 'Yes' to save the changes to your configuration

Erpiam can now be built as explained in the beginning of this document.

All thanks to Buildroot

Erpian is created with Buildroot, a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation.

Online documentation for Buildroot can be found at


Buildroot is covered by its own GPLv2 licensing, but since it's a build system that is not part of the final end product, the license of the individual packages should be examined.

The Erpiam files that are in the located at board/erpiam, package/erpiam, package/erpiam-main and configs/erpiam_defconfig, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.