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Software for controlled vocabularies

Jakob Voß edited this page Jan 9, 2023 · 38 revisions

This wiki page (linked from is be used to collect basic information about software for controlled vocabularies.

Feel free to add, update and extend!

What belongs into the list?

  • The software should be primarily for editing, viewing and/or analyzing controlled vocabularies
  • Software limited to manage simple terminologies and glossaries are not included
  • Each software is cataloged with
    • Name
    • URL: homepage
    • OS: operating system or "Web" if it's a web application
    • edit: whether vocabularies can be modified with the software
    • api: whether the software provides an API
    • language: programming language (if known)
    • license: Open Source License (if it's Open Source)
    • repository: Link to source code repository (if available)
    • update: Year of latest update of the software

Existing lists

Individual software

Name & URL OS edit api language license repository update
Semantic MediaWiki Web yes yes PHP GPL GitHub 2022
Wikibase Web yes yes PHP GPL Wikimedia 2022
TemaTres Web yes yes PHP GPL GitHub 2022
iQvoc Web yes yes Ruby Apache GitHub 2022
VocBench Web yes yes Java & JavaScript BSD Bitbucket 2022
Web Protégé Web yes no Java BSD GitHub 2022
Skosmos Web no yes PHP MIT GitHub 2022
VoCol Web yes no JavaScript MIT GitHub 2021
Django Controlled Vocabularies Web no no Python BSD GitHub 2022
Cocoda Web no no JavaScript MIT GitHub 2022
JSKOS Server Web yes yes JavaScript MIT GitHub 2022
OpenTheso Web yes ? Java GPL GitHub 2022
SkoHub Vocabs Web yes yes JavaScript Apache GitHub 2022
Jekyll RDF Web no yes Ruby MIT GitHub 2022
ShowVoc Web no no JavaScript BSD Bitbucket 2022
Ontology Look-up Service (OLS) Web no yes JavaScript & Java Apache GitHub 2022
OntoPortal Appliance Web ? yes Ruby BSD GitHub
Vocabseditor Web yes no Python MIT GitHub 2022
VocExcel Web no no Python GPL GitHub 2022
VocPrez Web no yes Python GPL GitHub 2021
PoolParty Thesaurus Server Web yes yes Java Closed Source - 2022
VocPub Profile RDF no no SHACL CC0 GitHub 2022
Skosify CLI no yes Python MIT GitHub 2021
OpenSKOS Web no yes PHP GPL GitHub 2020
SISSVoc Web no yes XSLT Apache GitHub 2019
qSKOS CLI no yes Java GPL GitHub 2018
SKOS Play Web no no Java CC-BY-SA Bitbucket 2018
Ginco Web yes yes Java CeCILL GitHub 2017/2022
SKOSjs Web yes no JavaScript Apache GitHub 2017/2022
SKOS Editor Web yes yes Java LGPL GitHub 2016
ASKOSI Web no ? Java GPL Archive 2011
ThManager ? yes ? Java LGPL SourceForge 2006
Atramhasis Web yes yes Python GPL GitHub 2023

More to add:

Related software

The following software products support editing, viewing and/or analyzing controlled vocabularies but not as a core feature. They might be used for controlled vocabularies as well.

Name & URL OS edit api language license repository update
Aristotle Metadata Registry Web yes yes Python/Django Closed Source Github 2021
PoolParty Semantic Suite ? yes ? ? Closed Source -
Apelon TermManager Web mappings ? ? Closed Source - 2021
Protégé Java yes ? Java BSD GitHub 2021
excel2rdf - yes no Python GPL GitHub 2021
TopBraid Composer ? yes ? ? Closed Source - 2021

Other generic software also used to manage controlled vocabularies:

  • Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software
  • Drupal