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Welcome to the GEnetic Analysis Repository (GEAR) wiki!

GEAR is developed in Java, and requires java runtime environment 7 installed on a system.

The latest release of GEAR can be downloaded here.

Contact: Guo-Bo Chen,

A quick tutorial for getting started

0. Data management options

1. EigenGWAS


Citation: Heredity, 2016, 117:51-61, {EigenGWAS paper download}

2. Variance component analysis for GWAS data



Front Genet, 2014, 5:107, {HE-IBS paper download}

Euro J Hum Genet, 2016, 24:1810-6, {HE structure paper download}

3. GWAS summary statistics



Euro J Hum Genet, 2017, 25:137-146, {SumStat QC paper download}

4. Principal component analysis

5. Genomic profile risk score

Citation: Heredity, 2016, 117:51-61, {EigenGWAS paper download}

6. Open GWAS algoriTHm (OATH) for deep evaluation

Citations: G3, 2017, 7:943-952, {G3 paper download}

7. Population genetics

8. Data simulation