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This release is recommended for all users, and includes changes for the May 15th upgrade!

  • Added full support for SLP tokens! This also includes SLP Graph Search!
  • Updates standardness rules to allow multiple OP_RETURN outputs.
  • Added SignMuSig to bchec package.
  • Added basic prometheus support.
  • Improved component shutdown logging.
  • Fixed longstanding issue with unexpected shutdown recovery code.
  • Minor fixes/improvements.
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This release is mostly a cleanup from the November hardfork. It hardcodes some of the difficulty adjustment parameters rather than calculating them on the fly. It also updates the checkpoints and fastsync utxo set. Finally it fixes a bug in the compact blocks code that was causing problems when connecting two bchd nodes together.

Note we recommend deleting the peers.json file found at .bchd/data/mainnet/peers.json before restarting as it might contain a number of ABC nodes that can make getting a good connection to the BCH network more difficult.

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This release brings BCHD up to compatibility with the upcoming November 15th, 2020 hardfork. Specifically it implements the new Asert difficulty adjustment algorithm (cpacia and pokkst). Please upgrade to this release to ensure you remain compatible after November 15th.

A couple other improvements in this release:

  • Improved stall detection and handling during chain sync (zquestz)
  • Remove ScriptVerifyMinimalIf from standard verify flags (EyeOfPython)
  • Set max standard transaction size to 100kb (zquestz)
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The 0.16.5 release is primarily to address compatibility with indexers and adds HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support as well! Several RPC methods now accept verbosity args as either int or bool to mimic the functionality in ABC/BCHN. There were also a bunch of small bug fixes, so we suggest everyone update to the latest release!

This also fixes all known issues with using BCHD as the back-end for Fulcrum! A huge thanks to @cculianu for pointing out API inconsistencies!

Also want to welcome our latest contributor @JettScythe for landing his first couple pull requests!

Merged PR List:

  • [Chore] Add more proto documentation #381
  • [Bug] Default to disable relay of free (super low fee) transactions #383
  • [Feature] Return version in getnetworkinfo the way ABC/BCHN does #386
  • [Chore] Collection of backports #388
  • [Chore/Feature] Backport GetBlockVerbosity Fixes & Add getbalances RPC client command #389
  • [Chore] Update docs so CIFS users know to turn off async preemption #390
  • [Feature] Update verbosity arguments to accept int or bool in getrawtransaction and searchrawtransactions #391
  • [Bug] peer: prevent last block height going backwards #392
  • [Chore] Backport Support Cookie Authorization #393
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This is an after-hardfork cleanup release. We've updated the fork activation to be height based rather than time based and created a new checkpoint on the first block after the fork. We've also removed all of the old sigop accounting code that is no longer used going forward as the hardfork upgraded to counting signature checks.

We've also created a new fastsync checkpoint and are seeding a new checkpointed UTXO set.

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