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  • setuptools for the installation (in the python package setuptools in debian)
  • python-2.7
  • BeautifulSoup (installed by the
  • requests (installed by the
  • keyring (installed by the
  • requests-cache (optional)
  • A moodle account subscribed to at least one course



git clone git://
cd epfl-moodle
python install


Do, with $username as your gaspar username :

moodle $username

This will initialise a moodle configuration file in the current directory. A menu will be then displayed, choose which course you would like to keep up to date in this directory. Then the script will download all the specified courses.


moodle $username

will update all the course kept in this directory

You can also simply download a single course with

moodle $username $course-url

With $course-url, the url of the course you want to scrap.This url must match the following scheme:$id

The files will be downloaded in the current directory.