Presented by Girl Develop It, Dayton
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Intro to Command Line, Git & GitHub :octocat:

Presented by Girl Develop It, Dayton Much Love to, Forked from tcmacdonald from gdicincy.

Ever make changes that broke your code and forgot how your code worked before? Want to work with someone on a code project, but aren’t sure who has the latest version of a particular file? Version control can solve these problems and more!

Git is a popular version control application that can track your code changes, as well as help you to be more methodical in your programming. Win win! This session will introduce the basics of version control, how to use git to keep track of your changes to a project, and using GitHub to collaborate with other developers.

Want to try git for yourself? Github has a 15-minute tutorial you can go through on your own here.

This workshop will cover…

  • The basic concepts of version control
  • The differences between git and other version control applications
  • Fundamental git commands to track changes to a small project
  • The basics of collaborating on code with other developers in a professional environment
  • Navigating the filesystem with Bash.
  • How to use GitHub


  1. A willingness to use the command line.
    We will be changing directories, listing directory contents, and using git from the command line throughout the class.

  2. A laptop with Git already installed

  3. A Github account…
    Sign up for free at

Course Materials

Resource URL
Intro Intro Slides
Part One: Intro to Bash
Part Two: Intro to Git
Starter Kit