Free open source client for OctoPrint
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OctoPod is a free open source iPhone/iPad app for OctoPrint.

Build Instructions

Download Xcode

You will need to install Swift 4.0 and Xcode 9.3 or newer.


OctoPod uses CocoaPods to manage third party libraries.

Trying to build the project by itself (OctoPod.xcodeproj) after launching will result in an error, as the resources managed by CocoaPods are not included. To install and configure the third party libraries just run the following in the command line:

pod install

Open Xcode

You can open the project by double clicking on OctoPod.xcworkspace file, or launching Xcode and choose File > Open and browse to_OctoPod.xcworkspace_.


OctoPod is an Open Source project covered by the Apache License 2.0.


Build and Deployment Tips

To report an issue

Source Code


How to Contribute

Create an issue to discuss ideas or report bugs. We love Pull Requests and encourage the community to contribute improvements and bug fixes directly by creating pull requests