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The combined Geany Plugins collection
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addons Set the Tasks addon only to active if it is actually enabled
autoclose Added a brackets formatting ability according to the Whitesmith codin…
automark Automark: remove global vars, simple search, disable plugin while sel…
build multiterm: Use the new facility to check for Vala
codenav codenav: Fix signed vs. unsigned comparisons
commander Fix SourceForge tracker URL
debugger Merge pull request #174 from b4n/debugger/gdb77
defineformat Enabling new defineformat-plugin to build with waf
devhelp Fix various list-related reStructuredText typos
geanyctags geanyctags: Fix copy/paste error in comment
geanydoc GeanyDoc: Replace NZV-makro with EMPTY-makro
geanyextrasel geanyextrasel PLUGIN_KEY_GROUP() -> plugin_set_key_group()
geanygendoc Fix SourceForge tracker URL
geanyinsertnum geanyinsertnum PLUGIN_KEY_GROUP() -> plugin_set_key_group()
geanylatex Fix SourceForge tracker URL
geanylipsum Fix SourceForge tracker URL
geanylua Merge pull request #188 from b4n/lua-version
geanymacro geanymacro: Fix a few memory leaks
geanyminiscript GeanyMiniScript: Fixing some tralling spaces
geanynumberedbookmarks GeanyNumberedBookmarks: Fix I18N setup
geanypg Fix SourceForge tracker URL
geanyprj geanyprj: Show the plugin name in the plugin manager instead of gener…
geanypy GeanyPy: Fix use of `config.h` and `HAVE_CONFIG_H`
geanysendmail Fix SourceForge tracker URL
geanyvc geanyvc: Don't mix allocators
geniuspaste geniuspaste: Fix sign comparison warnings
git-changebar Merge branch 'git-changebar'
markdown markdown: Fix build with at least GObject 2.24
multiterm Fix SourceForge tracker URL
pairtaghighlighter pairtaghighlighter: Fix sign comparison warning
po Merge pull request #189 from b4n/git-changebar
pohelper Fix SourceForge tracker URL
pretty-printer Remove now redundant prototypes
projectorganizer projectorganizer: Fix GTK warning under some conditions
scope Merge pull request #182 from techee/osx
shiftcolumn updated Changelog and README
spellcheck Fix bug tracker URL
tableconvert Fix SourceForge tracker URL
treebrowser Fix SourceForge tracker URL
updatechecker Fix SourceForge tracker URL
webhelper Fix SourceForge tracker URL
xmlsnippets xmlsnippets: Build and run tests
.gitignore gitignore: Add cscope files
HACKING Fix and extend HACKING docs on writing build/someplugin.m4
MAINTAINERS git-changebar: Add MAINTAINERS entry git-ui: Rename plugin to Git Change Bar
NEWS Fix typos and little rewording
README gproject: Rename the GProject plugin to ProjectOrganizer
README.template Fix various list-related reStructuredText typos
README.waf Fix wrong updatepo call for waf inside README Update contrib readme Make sure to abort if any of the commands in fails git-ui: Rename plugin to Git Change Bar
waf Update Waf to version 1.6.11
wscript Set -O2 compiler flag by default for gcc




You can build the plugins using either autotools or waf.

Building with autotools

You can use Autotools to build the Geany plugins in this repository.


   ./configure [arguments] or alternatively ./ [arguments]
  sudo make install

This will configure, build and install most of the Geany plugins.
There is some auto-detection in place which automagically disables
some of the plugins if there are insufficient build dependencies.
The following arguments can tweak the behaviour of the configure

A full listing of all supported options can be found in ./configure --help.

Enable/Disable Features
The following options can be passed to ./configure in forms
--enable-<option>=auto (default), --enable-<option>, --disable-<option>. In all
cases, --enable-<option>=auto causes the feature to be enabled/disabled
automatically based on whether the dependency exists on your system.
--enable-<option> causes the feature to be forcefully enabled, causing configure
to fail with an error message if you have missing
dependencies. --disable-<option> causes the feature to be forcefully disabled.

Available plugins are:

* addons -- the Addons plugin
* autoclose -- the Autoclose plugin
* automark -- the Automark plugin
* codenav -- the CodeNav plugin
* commander -- the Commander plugin
* debugger -- the Debugger plugin
* defineformat -- the Defineformat plugin
* devhelp -- the devhelp plugin
* geanydoc -- the GeanyDoc plugin
* geanyextrasel -- the GeanyExtraSel plugin
* geanygendoc -- the GeanyGenDoc plugin
* geanyinsertnum -- the GeanyInsertNum plugin
* geanylatex -- the GeanyLaTeX plugin
* geanylipsum -- the GeanyLipsum plugin
* geanylua -- the GeanyLua plugin
* geanyminiscript -- the GeanyMiniScript plugin
* geanypg -- the geanypg plugin
* geanyprj -- the GeanyPrj plugin
* geanysendmail -- the GeanySendmail plugin
* geanyvc -- the GeanyVC plugin
* geniuspaste -- the paste to a pastebin plugin
* gtkspell -- GeanyVC's spell-check support
* markdown -- the Markdown plugin
* pretty_printer -- the pretty-printer plugin
* projectorganizer -- the ProjectOrganizer plugin
* scope -- the Scope plugin
* shiftcolumn -- the ShiftColumn plugin
* spellcheck -- the spellcheck plugin
* treebrowser -- the Treebrowser plugin
* tableconvert -- the Tableconvert plugin
* updatechecker -- the Updatechecker plugin
* webhelper -- the WebHelper plugin
* xmlsnippets -- the XMLSnippets plugin
* extra-c-warnings -- extra C Compiler warnings (see also HACKING)
* cppcheck -- static code analysis using cppcheck (see also HACKING)

./configure --enable-geanylua --enable-spellcheck

This will force force both geanylua and spellcheck plugins to be enabled even
if some dependencies are missing.

Other tweaks
The following options can be passed to ./configure in the form

* lua-pkg -- the name of the lua pkg-config package name.
* geany-prefix -- Geany's prefix, used when compiling Geany.

Compiling Individual Plugins

The Geany Plugins project uses a recursive automake build system,
which means that after running ./configure, you may compile each
individual plug-in by cd-ing into the respective plug-in directory
and compiling it.

Building with waf

Geany-Plugins can also being build using Python based build system waf.
For doing this you have similar to building with autotools run three steps::

  ./waf configure
  ./waf build
  ./waf install
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