A script to create RPMs in less than five minutes from start to finish.
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Scroll down to see a super-fast example of Togo in action.

If you have any questions, problems, suggestions, or just plain like the software, please email me at gene.reese@xirsix.com to let me know; I base how much work I put in on my projects off how many people find them useful.

If you find Togo useful, please also consider upvoting my answer at StackOverflow to spread the word about it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/880227/what-is-the-minimum-i-have-to-do-to-create-an-rpm-file

What is Togo?

Want to create an RPM to deploy your software and don't want to spend hours learning how to do it? -or maybe you're already familiar with the process, but just want it to feel more clean and organized?

Use Togo! You can have your first RPM built and ready to install in less than 5 minutes. (Scroll down for a super-fast example.)

Who might find Togo useful?

  • A sysadmin who has a script or group of scripts he wants to add to a yum repository
  • Python (or other language) developers who want to package their modules into an RPM
  • A developer who has pre-compiled binaries he wants to package up and install on several systems
  • Anyone who wants to keep track of everything on their system(s) with RPM

Quick-start Guide


Download and install togo using whatever method is most convenient:

Using yum
$ sudo yum install https://github.com/genereese/togo/releases/download/v2.4r1/togo-2.4-1.noarch.rpm
Using dnf
$ sudo dnf install https://github.com/genereese/togo/releases/download/v2.4r1/togo-2.4-1.noarch.rpm
Manual install

Clone the repo, run the build script, and install the RPM manually:

$ git clone https://github.com/genereese/togo.git

$ cd togo; ./build-togo.sh

$ sudo yum localinstall ./rpms/*.rpm


Now that togo is installed, configure your name and email:

$ togo configure -n "Your Name" -e "your_email@address.com"

This information is only used to set the "Packager" field on any RPMs you create:

$ rpm -qip togo-2.0-2.noarch.rpm | grep "Packager"
Packager    : Gene Reese <gene.reese@xirsix.com>

Super-Fast Example

  1. Create the project directory using the script (this should be the desired name of your RPM):
$ togo project create my-new-rpm; cd my-new-rpm
  1. Copy your files into the build root:
$ mkdir -p root/usr/local/bin; touch root/usr/local/bin/example_file
  1. Exclude the the ownership of '/usr', '/usr/local', and '/usr/local/bin' from your RPM:
$ togo file exclude root/usr/local/bin
  1. OPTIONAL: Modify the generated spec file to your desired version/release/summary, etc.
$ vi spec/header
  1. Build the RPM
$ togo build package

-and your RPM is placed into the ./rpms directory.