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Colorful theme extension pack for Visual Studio Code
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Best Colorful Themes Pack

The best colorful themes for Visual Studio Code are now available as a single package, so you don't have to manually install them one by one.

I love building tools that make developers happy. You should also check out another extension I am contributing to called Code Time.

The pack includes:

Theme Breakdown

Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple generously smothers your workspace with only the most extravagant shades of purple, deftly balancing purple with purple on purple.

Shades of Purple for VS Code


Inspired by the bright neon lights of the 80s, SynthWave brings a eye-catching retro theme to a modern editor.

SynthWave  for VS Code

Code Blue

Code Blue is a dark theme made of subtle blues and bright hues that’s easy on the eyes for focused coding.

Code Blue for VS Code


Cyberpunk makes use of a very, very wide color palette to give each fragment of code a distinct, tastefully-garish color.

Cyberpunk for VS Code


LaserWave creates another retro escape with a clean 80's synthwave color palette.

LaserWave for VS Code


Immerse yourself in a neon-infused dark abyss that prefers bold, edgy colors.

Zeonica for VS Code


Based on the original Atom Hipster theme, Hipster offers a smattering of color across the UI in an unconventional, but playfully aggressive, way.

Hipster for VS Code


Wildberry gives you the pleasure of coding as if you were submerged in the gooey center of a microwaved blueberry Pop-Tart.

Wildberry for VS Code


With just a dash of lime green, Qiita adds a touch of festivity to your workspace.

Qiita for VS Code

Soft Era

Soft Era is a light pastel theme for soft, warm, and cozy coding.

Soft Era for VS Code

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