@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Jul 20, 2018 · 138 commits to 18.06 since this release

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Release crafted for the GeoGrandEst project, with contributions from other SDIs and individuals (mostly @landryb and @jusabatier).
Thank you all for your continuous support !

Major highlights:

  • Console webapp (formerly ldapadmin) overhauled, allows granting limited administration rights to a selection of users.
  • GeoServer updated to 2.12
  • GeoNetwork 3.4: a better overall integration

New features:

  • console - delegation of rights to a selection of users. SDI administrators can allow any LDAP user to manage a selection of roles in a selection of orgs.
  • console - emails sent upon user registration now dynamically target LDAP users with roles SUPERUSER or ORGADMIN. If a pending user has filled the org field and a valid delegation is registered with this org, users with the delegation will be able to moderate the incoming user. #1981
  • console - map fits vector data extent #2052
  • console - supports more languages (german & spanish translations added) #1965
  • console - reCAPTCHA upgraded to V2 version #1928
  • mapfishapp - allows direct vector layer download if WFS service advertises expected formats #1909 #1929
  • mapfishapp - the "extract layer" menu action is displayed when the extractor addon is loaded #1909
  • geonetwork - several metadata can now be sent at once to viewer & extractor #1809


  • console - roles can be renamed #2025
  • console - logs displayed using international date format #1988
  • console - the dependency on config.jar was removed #1966
  • console - added http links between objects #1951
  • console - http links now open in new tab (aka fix non routable URLs) #1930
  • console - description field allows more text #1826
  • console - roles are created capitalized #1813
  • console - org list alphabetically sorted #1814
  • console - migating from dbcp.BasicDataSource to c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource #2070
  • mapfishapp - allow reading KML 3D files #2000
  • mapfishapp - disable by default printing of legend and mini map #2087
  • geoserver - dockerfile does not force GC #2120
  • all - header url is now configurable in datadir #1922
  • all - debian packages now have packageRevision set to the date of build and short commit id #1936

Bug fixes:

  • console - prevent empty error flash message during app load #2004
  • console - fixed broken fonts #2053
  • console - fixed npm / brunch build #2047
  • console - fixed loading of email configuration #2026
  • console - fixed singular / plural strings with ngPluralize #2024 #1989
  • console - fixed broken maven-frontend-plugin with the debianPackage profile #1898
  • console - updated jquery and other dependencies #1882
  • console - fixed link to manager on user details page #2063
  • proxy - discards the transfer-encoding header in the proxified request #2012
  • proxy - fixed Referer header in proxied requests to local webapps #2130
  • proxy - do not extra encode path #2020
  • mapfishapp - fixed mapfishapp/ws/*.json content-type header not specified #1934
  • mapfishapp - fixed layer permalink #2073
  • mapfishapp - fixed race condition which prevented simultaneous use of the print feature #2134
  • mapfishapp & extractorapp - fixed GDAL bindings integration in docker images #1939
  • backgrounds addon - fixed "cannot read property 'id' of null" error #1900
  • geonetwork - fixed broken "view layer" & "download data" actions #1977
  • geonetwork - top toolbar does not overlap header anymore #2013
  • all - disable directory listing on jetty #2115


  • the extractorapp user interface was removed in favor of the viewer addon named "extractor"
  • docker-compose files have been removed from the sources repository. They
    belong to the georchestra/docker repository.
  • console - browsing roles as a tree was not a good idea ! It's now replaced with favorite roles, which are shared between users allowed to manage users within the console.
  • local maven has been removed, in favor of the one provided by distributions, see #2060
  • The ability to override webapp files throught the use of the config module (and template config) was removed for the console, mapfishapp, extractorapp & header, see #1417. This is still work in progress at the current time of writing for other modules.

Read how to migrate from 17.12 to 18.06.

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 7, 2018 · 659 commits to 18.06 since this release

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Major highlights:

  • GeoServer upgraded from 2.8 to 2.12.1
  • GeoNetwork upgraded from 3.0 to 3.4.1
  • User interfaces now displayed with your user's favorite language
  • A smart way to download and install geOrchestra, using the smallish
    georchestra/docker repository
  • Support for Debian 9

Many thanks to those who made it possible, either through funding, or patches !

New features:

  • GeoServer 2.12.1 - #1847
  • GeoNetwork 3.4.1 - #1611
  • Use the preferred language, as advertised by the browser - #589
  • mapfishapp - new "backgrounds" addon - #1156
  • mapfishapp - add ability to export a feature as WKT - #1741


  • mapfishapp & extractorapp: prevent browser warning about flash plugin - #902
  • mapfishapp - improved the metadata querier compatibility with the CSW spec - #1785
  • mapfishapp - enable text selection in gridviews - #1754
  • mapfishapp - disable editing for aggregate layers - #1369
  • mapfishapp - annotation addon - add opacity handler for polygons - #1862
  • proxy - homogeneized 503 page which does not request the header - #1755
  • console - translated placeholders - #1764
  • docker - switch to postgresql 10 - #1853
  • support for Debian 9 (Stretch)

Bug fixes:

  • mapfishapp - fixed the results panel logic when querying aggregated layers - #1845
  • mapfishapp - fix getfeatureinfo on layers served from /geoserver/ns/ows - #1731
  • mapfishapp - metadata on map creation - #1844
  • mapfishapp - fixed the buffer size - #1833
  • mapfishapp - fixed the KML axis inversion when importing files - #1774
  • mapfishapp - GetCapabilities shall not send FORMAT=image/png - #1757
  • extractorapp - restored the possibility to anonymously extract data - #1797
  • geonetwork - fix incorrect ressource caching - #1729
  • ogc-server-statistics - reopen the JDBC connection if closed - #1763
  • docker ldap - fix file permissions for indexing - #1765
  • console - fix editing of orgs with a point at the end of the name - #1770
  • ... and many more !


  • the downloadform module, which was not compatible with GeoNetwork 3 anymore,
    and rarely used.
  • the server-deploy groovy scripts, which were obsoleted by the docker hype.
  • the catalogapp module, which was shiny compared to the GeoNetwork 2 UI, but
    less relevant since we integrated GeoNetwork 3.
  • the older ldapadmin privateui interface, which was replaced by the console.

Read how to migrate from 16.12 to 17.12.

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 17, 2017 · 1108 commits to 18.06 since this release

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This release represents one year of contributions.
It's a HUGE one !

Download it from https://packages.georchestra.org/

Major highlights include:

  • a brand new console to manage efficiently users, orgs and roles
  • an atlas webapp, which allows users to have features from a layer printed as multipage PDF
  • many new features in our power viewer: map contexts manager, buffer, styling of vector features, new addons...
  • docker as prefered, streamlined deployment procedure
  • sdi consistence check, a new project whose aim is to check links between data and metadata in a SDI.

Many thanks to those who made it possible, either through funding, or patches !

New features:

  • console webapp allows to manage not only users & roles but also organisations with their geographic area of competence - read more on #1018.
  • atlas webapp and addon - see #1017
  • email proxy in ldapadmin - see #1572
  • extractions are now logged in a new db schema - #1566 & #1570
  • mapfishapp - styling vector features which result from a query - #1604
  • mapfishapp - own contexts manager - #1601
  • mapfishapp - querier - supports buffers around drawn features - #1347
  • mapfishapp - querier - filters can be saved and loaded to/from XML files - #1351
  • mapfishapp addons:


  • proxy - jetty gzip module enabled, to compress static files - #1478
  • geoserver - jetty threads limited in a docker context - #1666
  • mapfishapp - contexts alphabetically sorted based on their filename - #1514
  • mapfishapp - contexts uniformly refered to as "maps" - #1640
  • mapfishapp - layers loaded via the querystring - #1469
  • mapfishapp - ability to fill in context title, abstract, keywords during permalink and "export to external app" export
  • mapfishapp - keywords now serialized in contexts - #1447
  • mapfishapp - csw keyword browser is now optional - #1445
  • mapfishapp - addons now provide a minified js file for production - #1430
  • mapfishapp - "osm editors" is now an addon rather than a core feature - #1389
  • mapfishapp - querier now in a floating window - #1346
  • mapfishapp - annotation addon: features can be exported and reloaded - #1547
  • mapfishapp - ACL for contexts - #1298
  • docker:
    • many improvements in dockerfiles and composition (syntax v2 now requires compose >= 1.6 and docker >= 1.10),
    • setup streamlined: static datadir is shipped in image, but it is overridable with a volume or a host folder, read the how-to,
    • docker volumes in /mnt, see #1597 and #1602.
  • a Makefile is now available for those who'd like to build geOrchestra (but it's not recommended anymore, since it is now fully configurable through it's datadir and UIs)
  • ... and many more !

Bug fixes:

  • analytics - truncated layername when using QGIS as client - #877
  • geoserver - restored ability to build extensions - #1231
  • mapfishapp - more accurate graphic scalebar size - #1535
  • mapfishapp - printing takes into account geodetic distances - #1084
  • mapfishapp - location comboboxes now resize with right panel - #1459
  • mapfishapp - thesaurus query fixed with GeoNetwork 3 - #1333
  • extractorapp - failure to retrieve linked metadata does not make the extraction fail anymore - #357
  • ... and many more !

Read how to migrate from 15.12 to 16.12.

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 5, 2017 · 2409 commits to 18.06 since this release

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This release received important contributions from the community.
The major one being that the project delivers generic artifacts (WARs, Debian & RPM packages, Docker images), which allow for a wider distribution by removing the need for compilation.
A strong focus was also laid on infrastructure, with the integration of the docker image generation process in the main repository and also with the automation of the install process allowed by ansible.

New features:


  • extractorapp and mapfishapp now use the wfs-ng geotools module: #1267
  • analytics: improved performance on huge databases #556
  • ogc-server-statistics: logs user roles too #1108
  • ldapadmin: administrator can modify a user's uid and the user is informed by email #1109
  • ldapadmin: new TEMPORARY virtual group, holding users from the shadowAccount objectClass with a shadowExpire attribute.
  • header: new sub-menu dedicated to administrators #1010
  • mapfishapp: improved addons init #1006
  • mapfishapp: measurement tools are now an addon, see the README
  • mapfishapp: layergroup detection and reduced functionalities #1091
  • extractorapp: text file for failure instead of html file #1272
  • security-proxy: does not require clients presenting the jakarta or apache-httpclient user-agent to provide a valid basic auth #960
  • security-proxy: fix user-agent matching/authorization checking flow #1188
  • ldap: search fields indexed #881
  • dev: add configuration to run geOrchestra with multiple jetty instances #1112

Bug fixes:

  • security-proxy: fixed a long-standing issue with sessions #1069. They now last 24 hours by default #1177
  • ogc-server-statistics: does not log OGC requests to external servers anymore #1058
  • ldapadmin: blanking a field is now allowed #1086
  • ldapadmin: now allows using the plus char in email address #1128
  • ldapadmin: fixed SMTP servers refusing ICMP protocols makes the deploy fail #991
  • ldapadmin: fixed group filter not applying correctly on selections 56e350
  • ldapadmin: members of the PENDING group are not able to reset their password anymore #1002
  • ldapadmin: API returns json content-type #1115
  • ldapadmin: fixed encoding of email in URL #1129
  • ldapadmin: set restangular version in CDN #1270

According to our release policy, geOrchestra 14.06 is not supported anymore.

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Jul 10, 2015 · 132 commits to 15.06 since this release

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�This release brings several key enhancements:

  • support for the newer Debian 8 "Jessie", including tomcat 7, 8 & apache 2.4,
  • standard geoserver artifacts can now be used instead of the "geOrchestra flavoured geoserver",
  • travis-ci service integration, with improved test coverage,
  • lighter artifacts.

Other enhancements include:

  • mapfishapp: redirect to iD as OSM editor - see #992,
  • mapfishapp: gml & kml export of results - see #995,
  • mapfishapp: the admin may restrict all metadata searches to a specific extent, while the user may now restrict his search to the current map extent - see #964,
  • mapfishapp: added possibility to filter visible features in POSTed layers with CQL - see #921,
  • proxy: intercepts "connection refused" errors - see #963,
  • doc: added SASL configuration for remote AD - see #958.

Full list of issues on GitHub issue tracker, tagged with milestone 15.06.

Please note that:

  • the protocol between the security proxy and the apps was slightly modified as a result of #920. This means that the proxy and webapps from this release are not backward-compatible: you cannot use mapfishapp from 15.06 with a 14.12 security-proxy.
  • geOrchestra 14.01 is not supported anymore.

Many thanks to all contributors for this great release !

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 16, 2015 · 3373 commits to 18.06 since this release

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This release received contributions from the GeoBretagne, GéoPicardie, CIGALsace, CRAIG, Rennes Métropole, Le Puy en Velay and Université de Franche-Comté projects.
It comes with an improved install documentation.

According to our release policy, geOrchestra 13.09 is not supported anymore.

New features:

  • extractorapp: native raster resolution extracted by default - see #726,
  • geofence: ability to configure the map SRS - see #732,
  • geoserver: updated to version 2.5.4 with geofence - see #677,
  • ldapadmin: identify users not members of a SV_* group - see #834,
  • mapfishapp: context restoring - option to reset map or not - see #302,
  • mapfishapp: spatial query using previous results' geometries - see #752,
  • mapfishapp: streetview addon - see #774,
  • mapfishapp: direct geodata file loading via URL - see #754,
  • mapfishapp: added a button to remove all layers - see #753,
  • mapfishapp: new syntax for CSW querier - see #760 and the README,
  • mapfishapp: png printing - see #814,
  • mapfishapp: print extent handling improvement - see #813,
  • mapfishapp: give easy access to WMS/WFS layer details - see #346,
  • mapfishapp: export current map context as a "map metadata" - see #751,
  • mapfishapp: revamp of the "add layers" window - see #718,
  • mapfishapp: help message popping down when tools are loaded and available,
  • mapfishapp: if filled, wmc title and abstract are now displayed on context restored - see #816,
  • mapfishapp: filter contexts by keywords - see #866.


  • extractorapp: editable combobox for resolution selection - see #726,
  • extractorapp: warn user when the extraction area is too large before the extraction is fired - see #726,
  • extractorapp: better emails - see #750,
  • ldapadmin: test suite improved - see #843,
  • mapfishapp: print extent fully visible,
  • mapfishapp: print templates improved - see #17,
  • mapfishapp: geometry from query stored forever in browser/LocalStorage (rather than cookie),
  • mapfishapp: warn users about chrome 36/37 issue,
  • mapfishapp: filter out WFS services not supporting POST,
  • mapfishapp: i18n neutral nopreview image for csw querier - see #775,
  • mapfishapp: load data from catalog improvement - see #756,
  • mapfishapp: advanced csw querier syntax help - see #478,
  • mapfishapp: addons can be placed in toolbars now - see #132,
  • proxy: handle a list of servers for which the x-forwarded headers should not be sent (typically geo.admin.ch) - see #782,
  • georchestra: german translations generalized - see #777,
  • georchestra: the maven build is now aware of the javascript build outcome - see #809.

Bug fixes:

  • analytics: fixed global csv export - see #835,
  • analytics: fixed log4j config issue - see #785,
  • analytics: fixed broken double click to see details - see #883,
  • build: fixed by migrating from OpenGeo to Boundless repository and also by setting up our own repository,
  • cas: fixed "after logging in from /cas/login the header does not show the connected user" - see #837,
  • catalogapp: fixed missing log4j configuration file - see #861,
  • config: fixed proxy targets wrong connector for geoserver - see c2dca7,
  • epsg-extension: fixed the EPSG:27572 SRS for use in mapfishapp and extractorapp - see #379,
  • extractorapp: workaround a geoserver issue for EPSG:4326 bboxes,
  • extractorapp: fixed WCS specific regexp in checkPermission method,
  • geonetwork: fixed LDAP sync - see 6a7e69,
  • geonetwork: in associated resource panel from editor, fixed failure to add link to service metadata record,
  • geonetwork: schema iso / fra - fixed missing description for "funder",
  • ldapadmin: fixed renaming group name leads to corrupted LDAP entry - see #810,
  • ldapadmin: fixed unescaped quotes in translations - see #890,
  • mapfishapp: fixed js error on vector layer selection - see #785,
  • mapfishapp: fixed missing SLD_VERSION WMS parameter, which is mandatory from version 1.3.0 on - see #636,
  • mapfishapp: modified MAP_DOTS_PER_INCH value in order to fix WMS/WMTS layer overlay - see #736,
  • mapfishapp: fixed WMTS style switch for GeoWebCache versions >= 1.5,
  • mapfishapp: fixed WMTS legend printing issue,
  • mapfishapp: workaround for IE11 bug, see #773,
  • mapfishapp: fixed several programming errors in the cadastre addon,
  • mapfishapp: restore record opaque status from layer transitionEffect,
  • mapfishapp: fixed the csw queryable "Type" case,
  • mapfishapp: fixed erroneous area measurements - see #838,
  • mapfishapp: fixed spanish lang file formatting - see 043ef1,
  • proxy: fixed a vulnerability where client could access localhost resources via proxy url, see 5c9b4d,
  • proxy: prevented the use of the ogcproxy in production (it is required for development purposes only),
  • proxy: restored access to public layers through qgis, udig and arcgis clients - see b077f8,
  • proxy: checkhealth now targets the main geOrchestra database by default, see a1d825,
  • proxy: force preemptive basic auth for GeoFence client to GeoServer REST - see 2c2b74,
  • server-deploy: fixed wrong webapp names (geoserver-webapp, geofence-webapp, geowebcache-webapp),
  • georchestra: many small fixes related to HTTPS support, eg #745, #840 and #780,
  • georchestra: css3 border-radius property replaces browser (moz and webkit) implementations.


As said previously, the documentation was improved in order to reflect the most recent project changes.
Most notably, it is now in line with the "3 tomcats"-based setup that drives the template configuration since geOrchestra 14.06.
It also includes an interesting "how to upgrade your config" generic guide (that you should read, and maybe contribute to !).

config changes

We introduced a new global config option: shared.url.scheme which defaults to http.
Set to https (along with shared.server.port to 443) if your SDI requires it. Do not forget to also change the base url of GeoServer and GeoNetwork in their respectives admin GUI.

In mapfishapp's GEOR_custom.js:

  • the WMS_SERVERS, WMTS_SERVERS, WFS_SERVERS config options have been removed. The server definitions are now loaded via separate XHR's. You should migrate your content into the newly introduced myprofile/mapfishapp/*.json files.
  • CONTEXT_LOADED_INDICATOR_DURATION was added to handle the "context loaded" popping down indicator duration. It defaults to 5 seconds. Set to 0 to disable the indicator.
  • CONTEXTS was an array of arrays. It is now an array of objects.

Eg, in 14.06:

    ["OpenStreetMap", "app/img/contexts/osm.png", "default.wmc", "A unique OSM layer"], 

From 14.12 on:

    label: "OpenStreetMap",
    thumbnail: "app/img/contexts/osm.png",
    wmc: "default.wmc",
    tip: "A unique OSM layer",
    keywords: ["OpenStreetMap", "Basemap"]
}, {

Also, the print templates have been improved.
If you made changes to the previous templates, you have to migrate them, or you may also keep your older templates.

In extractorapp's GEOR_custom.js, several new javascript config options have been added, related to #726: SUPPORTED_RESOLUTIONS, DEFAULT_RESOLUTION, METADATA_RESOLUTION_XPATH. Make sure your configuration is up to date with the template configuration, or you will get these variable defaults.

Note also the addition of an excluded directory in the template configuration. The content of this directory will be ignored when creating the configuration jar, which is deployed in each webapp. This is a convenient way to store scripts and so on, versioned with your configuration.

new repositories

We decided to publish resources for your server "htdocs" folder.
Have a look at our georchestra/htdocs repository to get some inspiration.

As you may know, since geOrchestra 14.06, we recommend to start from our minimal GeoServer "data dir", rather than using GeoServer's default.
For the 14.12 release, we also decided to publish a minimal GeoNetwork data dir too !

apache configuration

In geOrchestra's security proxy, there's an OGC proxy which we use to circumvent browser's same origin policy.
To prevent anyone to use this proxy (see #755), we recommend to restrict access to the proxy by checking the request Referer header, eg for apache <= 2.2 with:

SetEnvIf Referer "^http://my\.sdi\.org/" mysdi
<Proxy http://localhost:8180/proxy/*>
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from env=mysdi

There's also another improvement when your SDI is not globally accessed through https: securing your communications to the ldapadmin webapp through the following:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/ldapadmin/?.*$
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R=301,L]

This can also be used to secure other modules, eg analytics, downloadform...


If you experience build issues, please clear your local maven repository (rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/), then try again.

Our continuous integration process now checks every day that all geOrchestra modules (including GeoFence) build smoothly.
We also make sure that the following geoserver extensions are compatible: app-schema, authkey, charts, control-flow, css, csw, dds, dxf, feature-aggregate, feature-pregeneralized, geosearch, gdal, imagemap, inspire, istyler, kml, libjpeg-turbo, mysql, ogr, pyramid, script, spatialite, xslt, wps, w3ds. They can be integrated in your geoserver deployment by adding them in the build command line, eg with

./mvn -Dserver=template -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Pgeofence -Pcontrol-flow,css,csw,gdal,inspire,kml,libjpeg-turbo,ogr,pyramid,spatialite,wps,w3ds clean install

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 16, 2015 · 4067 commits to 18.06 since this release

Assets 2

Contributions from Rennes, CIGAL, GeoBretagne, GeoPicardie, PIGMA, GeoBolivia, ViennAgglo & developers on their free time.
Note on the 13.06 release: end-of-life was in april, earlier this year. As a result, it will not receive bug fixes anymore.

New features:

  • GeoWebCache standalone is now part of the geOrchestra suite


  • analytics: access is now restricted to members of the MOD_ANALYTICS group only,
  • cas: upgraded to latest CAS Server 4.0.0 release - see #503,
  • cas: members of the PENDING_USERS group are not allowed to login anymore - see #581,
  • cas: unmodified files where removed from template config,
  • cas: username field autocompleted on browsers that support it,
  • catalogapp: german translation,
  • deploy: a default deployment script is now provided by the template config,
  • downloadform: complete revamp, including more testing, see #657,
  • extractorapp: now displays layers using the configured GLOBAL_EPSG srs, if they support it,
  • extractorapp: much improved test coverage,
  • extractorapp: access is now restricted to members of the MOD_EXTRACTORAPP group only,
  • extractorapp admin: access is now restricted to members of the ADMINISTRATOR group only,
  • extractorapp: german translation,
  • extractorapp: the privileged user is allowed to use imp-username/imp-roles headers to impersonate an arbitrary user for security check,
  • extractorapp: improved GDAL/OGR handling,
  • extractorapp: proper reporting in case the OGRDataStore cannot be created, with an invitation to check the GDAL libraries setup,
  • extractorapp: dropped support for geoserver 1.x, which results in better startup performance, see #640,
  • extractorapp: improved db connection pooling wrt download form,
  • extractorapp admin: includes the standard geOrchestra header - see #729,
  • geonetwork: rolling logs + gzipping - see #200,
  • geonetwork: improved IE10 compatibility,
  • geonetwork: disable user management for non-administrators,
  • geonetwork: improved links to WMS and WMC got from ISO19139 records, "distribution" section - see 5e7671 and c53e77,
  • geonetwork: added the possibility to search on a field and suggest on another one - see 4a3a34,
  • geonetwork: improved iso19139.fra schema - see 62057e, fd086f and 0eba33,
  • geoserver: the project now provides a basic data_dir with sensible defaults for geOrchestra - see INSTALL.md#geoserver,
  • geofence: performance improvement for GetCapabilities requests,
  • geofence: allows dynamic styles and remote layers by default,
  • geofence: conforms to the global logging strategy as set by shared maven filters,
  • geofence: allow dynamic geofencing based on inetOrgPerson's "l" field storing the limiting EWKT geometry,
  • header: only members of the MOD_EXTRACTORAP group see the link to the extractor - see #717,
  • ldapadmin: improved compatibility with geofence, by automatic management of unique numeric identifiers for users and groups,
  • ldapadmin: SSHA password encryption,
  • ldapadmin: much improved test coverage,
  • ldapadmin: now takes into account shared.ldap.* values,
  • ldapadmin: now uses configured LDAP users and groups DN instead of hardcoded values,
  • ldapadmin: public context path now set via a shared maven filter - see #721
  • ldapadmin: hyphens are now allowed in user identifiers - see #725,
  • mapfishapp: improved testsuite coverage,
  • mapfishapp: annotation addon improved (outline and fill colors added),
  • mapfishapp: using adequate XML exception format string, depending on WMS version,
  • mapfishapp: max_features and max_length set to higher numbers,
  • mapfishapp: german translation, including for the supported addons (thanks to CIGALsace),
  • mapfishapp: display SLD title before its name - see #597,
  • mapfishapp: file upload is now using a pure JSON implementation,
  • mapfishapp: file upload checks that a SRS can be guessed by OGRFeatureReader, or else falls back onto the pure GeoTools implementation,
  • mapfishapp: file upload supports OSM files to some extent,
  • mapfishapp: proj4js definitions are now local to prevent mixed active content warning in case of HTTPS access, see #602,
  • mapfishapp: only members of the MOD_EXTRACTORAPP group see the "download data" link - see #717
  • mapfishapp: the "remove layer" icon was changed - see #728
  • server-deploy: now supports deploying geofence-webapp,
  • all modules now use the same "georchestra" database by default, including GeoNetwork - see #601,
  • system wide favicon.

Bug fixes:

  • extractorapp: fixed several client-side issues regarding handling of namespaced layer names and virtual services - see #517 and #634,
  • extractorapp: fixed too early expiration of archive download link,
  • extractorapp: fixed protected layer cannot be extracted - see #633,
  • extractorapp: fixed KML export. Note: MIF export via OGR can only work with a patched version of GDAL, or GDAL >= 1.11.1, see gdal#5477,
  • geofence: avoid NPE with dynamic geofencing - #629,
  • geonetwork: shared.geonetwork.language enforced - see #595,
  • geonetwork: keywords-based extent suggestion does not fail anymore with aceentuated chars - see 652e87,
  • geonetwork: fixed extent map cursor position after panel has been scrolled - see 95aa65,
  • geonetwork: fixed classification of spatial data service for better INSPIRE compatibility - see c1017d,
  • geonetwork: avoid JS error when the WMS layer title contains a quote - see 7bbc34,
  • ldapadmin: fixed wrong users count in groups, in case several of them share the same sn field - see 0d7ab2,
  • ldapadmin: group description editing does not detach users from group anymore - see #650,
  • mapfishapp: restored GetFeatureiInfo queries on aggregated layers - see #658,
  • mapfishapp: truly independant tabs in resultspanel - see #671,
  • mapfishapp: fixed missing drillDown option for getFeatureInfo control - see #674,
  • mapfishapp: multilayer querier tool - several issues fixed,
  • mapfishapp: fixed file upload limits values (8Mb limit really enforced) - see #592,
  • mapfishapp: fixed thesaurus keywords request lang - see #624,
  • mapfishapp: compatibility with WMS 1.1.0 servers - see #663,
  • mapfishapp: fixed IE10-specific issue with Ext.data.XmlReader,
  • proxy: ignores non HTTPS request check, to allow OGC web service usage, see a24c74,
  • proxy: returns earlier in case of 403|404 error code - see #506,
  • proxy: really customizable error pages,
  • proxy: always remove incoming sec-* headers,
  • proxy: members of the ADMINISTRATOR group do not need to belong to another SV_* group anymore - see ad6784,
  • proxy: added QuantumGIS to the list of clients triggering basic auth, thus allowing access to protected layers (along with uDig and ArcGIS clients).


Please refer to this guide.


The way geOrchestra is configured has been streamlined:

  • there are default parameters which are shared by several modules, in config/shared.maven.filters. A "standard" install should not require you to bother about them. But if your setup is different from the default one, you may have to copy one or more of theses properties into your own shared maven filters (read on), in order to be able to customize them.
  • there are also shared parameters which have to be customized for your own instance. These can be found in the build_support/shared.maven.filters file inside your own configuration directory. As your config dir inherits from the template config dir, it should be very similar to georchestra/template:build_support/shared.maven.filters. The shared maven filters from this file override those from config/shared.maven.filters
  • finally, there are parameters for every individual geOrchestra module (geoserver, geofence, mapfishapp, extractorapp, proxy, ldapadmin), which can be customized via the build_support/GenerateConfig.groovy file in your own config dir. Have a look at the one provided by the template config for an example: georchestra/template:build_support/GenerateConfig.groovy.

As a result, a "standard geOrchestra configuration" should not require you to edit more than 2 files: one for the shared parameters, and an other one for module-specific parameters.
Note: copying maven.filter files in your own configuration dir (which was an older practice) is not anymore recommended because it is very difficult to maintain when upgrading version.
=> you should remove any maven.filter file from your own configuration, and eventually copy the values you had customized into build_support/GenerateConfig.groovy


The "Jetty Maven2" Repository provided by oss.sonatype.org requires HTTPS now. The fix was pushed to the georchestra and geonetwork repositories, but in the mean time, your /home/$USER/.m2 local repository might have gotten corrupted with html files rather than jars. If you experience compilation errors, you might need to clean your local maven repo, by running rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/maven

Upgrading your build is a 2-steps process.
Let's assume your local geOrchestra source code repository is located in /path_to_georchestra_root/.

First you have to update the sources from the remote origin and update yours:

cd /path_to_georchestra_root/
git fetch origin
git checkout 14.06
git submodule sync
git submodule update --init

Then you need to update your configuration directory to align it with the template configuration, branch 14.06.

In the following, we assume that your configuration directory is versioned with git, and has the geOrchestra template config set as "upstream" remote repository:

cd /path_to_georchestra_root/config/configuration/<yours>
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/14.06

Then you'll probably have to fix some conflicts.
Note: if you do not know how to fix these conflicts, you're probably better off starting again with a fresh fork of the template config directory.

The build process remains unchanged, but there is a difference at the end.
In the previous releases, the artifacts included a "-private" suffix in their name. We were making the assumption that all WARs would be deployed to the same tomcat.
This is not the case anymore. This implies that the security proxy now resides in a different servlet container than the proxied webapps. If this is not your case, juste rename them back with the "-private" suffix.


The LDAP repository holds branches for the 13.09, 14.01 and 14.06 releases.
In 13.09, groups are instances of posixGroup. From 14.01 on, they are instances of groupOfNames.

Between 14.01 and 14.06 branches, here are the differences:

  • the MOD_EXTRACTORAPP group was created. You should assign to it the users which already had access to extractorapp (typically members of SV_USER)
  • the privileged geoserver user ("shared.privileged.geoserver.user") was renamed from extractorapp_privileged_admin to geoserver_privileged_user because it is no more used only for the extractor.


In this release, the GeoNetwork database was merged into the unique default georchestra database.
It is now a schema inside the main database.

This change requires that a "geonetwork" db user is created and granted rights:

createuser -SDRIP geonetwork (the expected password for the default config is "www-data")
psql -d georchestra -c 'CREATE SCHEMA geonetwork;'
psql -d georchestra -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA geonetwork TO "geonetwork";'

The full migration process is described in #601/comment.
This link also provides hints if you prefer to keep your existing 2-databases setup.

Native libs:

The GDAL java bindings (gdal.jar) are no more provided by webapps, because this can lead to issues when the native libs are loaded several times in the same servlet container.
Instead, the bindings should be installed once and for all in a folder accessible by the servlet container.

Please refer to the documentation relative to native libs handling in geOrchestra, section "Tomcat configuration"

Shared maven filters:

Several previous shared maven filters have been removed because they were not truly shared between modules:

  • shared.mapfishapp.docTempDir
  • shared.geofence.*
  • shared.checkhealth.*

You'll find the exact same settings in build_support/GenerateConfig.groovy

shared.geonetwork.dir was removed because it was useless

Seevral shared maven filters were homogeneized:

  • shared.psql.ogc.statistics.db becomes shared.ogc.statistics.db
  • shared.psql.download_form.db -> shared.download_form.db
  • shared.psql.geonetwork.db -> shared.geonetwork.db
  • shared.ldapadmin.db
  • shared.geofence.db

Finally, geonetwork.language was renamed into shared.geonetwork.language


If you're using ldapadmin, make sure you've setup ReCaptcha keys for your own domain.
Hint: search for privateKey in your GenerateConfig.groovy.

French projections (typically EPSG:2154) have been removed from the extractorapp and mapfishapp config files.
Be sure to check your GEOR_custom.js files if you need them.

mapfishapp: GEONETWORK_URL was renamed into GEONETWORK_BASE_URL.
Caution: the expected string for this config option has changed too: from eg. "http://geobretagne.fr/geonetwork/srv/fre" to: "http://geobretagne.fr/geonetwork".

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 16, 2015 · 4622 commits to 18.06 since this release

Assets 2

This release was supported by the GeoPicardie, PIGMA, CIGALsace and GeoBretagne projects.
The CRAIG (Centre Régional Auvergnat de l'Information Géographique) is also to be thanked for some nice patches.

New features:

  • GeoFence integration (not activated by default), see #534 and the documentation
  • geoserver: new kml and tiff+tab datastores, see #557
  • geoserver: now supports data security with GWC requests, see GEOS-4217 and geoserver/geoserver#341
  • mapfishapp: multi-layer querier tool (thanks to the CRAIG) - see #435
  • mapfishapp: extractor addon - see the README
  • mapfishapp: OpenLS addon - see the README
  • mapfishapp: editor revamped - read this
  • mapfishapp: document persistence in database - see #443


  • analytics: translated to ES, thanks to GeoBolivia !
  • analytics: tabs displayed or not based on shared.download_form.activated and shared.ogc.statistics.activated values.
  • doc: improved installation instructions for gdal native libs
  • doc: installation instructions updated with GeoServer fine tuning instructions
  • doc: added a README for mapfishapp addons
  • js minification: test that jsbuild is working, rather than only testing if venv exists
  • ldapadmin: in the mail sent to the moderator, the "from" field is set to the user email - see #380
  • ldapadmin: improved description fields - see #400
  • ldapadmin: added ability to configure fields in users list - read the how-to
  • ldapadmin: in case of duplicated email error, the message is more explicit
  • ldapadmin: the "lost password" has become a "password recovery" page, which is more neutral, and allows one to define a password even if none pre-exists.
  • mapfishapp: WMS DescribeLayer on each WMS layer - see #401
  • mapfishapp: new layer menu item to set layer as baselayer/overlay - see #445
  • mapfishapp: preserve the full attribution information on context save/restore - see #422
  • mapfishapp: cswquerier: better results count
  • mapfishapp: wms layer tab: red crosses removed, icons centered
  • mapfishapp: backbuffer hidden behind baselayer for non-opaque baselayers - see #411
  • mapfishapp: allow to POST the url of a WFS service or layer - see #392
  • mapfishapp: baselayers have a specific color in the layer manager - customizable, see 0a56ed
  • mapfishapp: contextual help bubbles (eg: on layer edit activated), see #466
  • mapfishapp: print now supports WMS 1.3.0-only capable servers, see #511
  • mapfishapp: annotation addon: added an icon & made the window closable
  • mapfishapp: OGC Exception Report handling deactivated during context restore - see #532
  • mapfishapp: allow to show login/logout button in toolbar even if header is shown - see #43
  • mapfishapp: file upload now reports more accurately errors - see #402
  • mapfishapp: file upload: a spinner is shown while a file is uploaded
  • mapfishapp: contexts can now store title + abstract fields - see #443
  • mapfishapp: added ability to send contexts or maps to any external application - see #443
  • ogc-server-statistics: now logging WMTS GetTile, WMS GetStyles + WFS2 operations, see #527
  • proxy: new filter to make basic auth challenge if https and matches user-agent, useful for ArcGIS clients - read the notes
  • proxy: overridable HTTP 40x error pages, see for instance config/defaults/security-proxy/403.jsp
  • proxy: does not send sec-username & sec-roles headers when the user is anonymous, see #223
  • static: module is now called "header"
  • downloadform, ogcstatistics and ldapadmin modules now share the same postgresql database by default, each in their own schema. Please refer to #516 and the migration guide below.

Bug fixes:

  • analytics: fixed wrong password for jdbc postgresql
  • extractorapp: fixed the checkPermission method for local layers
  • extractorapp: fixed impossibility to switch to french when default lang is english or spanish
  • extractorapp: fixed invalid buffer combo text
  • extractorapp: removed useless classes - see #551
  • extractorapp: bbox writer always uses geotools' ShpFeatureWriter, which allows extractorapp to not rely mandatorily on gdal/ogr native libs - see #409
  • extractorapp: fixed parameter order on CheckFormAcceptance bean instantiation - see b299ec
  • extractorapp: fixed wrong jsessionid used to check ability to download resource - see #558
  • extractorapp: fixed CheckFormAcceptance SQL test
  • geonetwork: download form now opens also in metadata view if activated, see #416
  • geonetwork: fixed missing thumbnail in CSW query requesting DC in full mode for profil France records
  • geonetwork: thumbnails: add protocol for JPG (csw)
  • geonetwork: widgets / keyword selection / support 2 concepts with same label
  • geonetwork: editor / XML view / do not escape
  • geonetwork: ISO19110 / fixed missing label. Add the capability to set contact logo.
  • geonetwork: spatial index / fixed corrupted shapefile when empty polygon.
  • geonetwork: ISO19110 / relation now displays title.
  • geonetwork: properly unzip file
  • geonetwork: widgets / properly propagate sortby options.
  • geonetwork: fixed map coords position when page scrolled
  • geonetwork: fixed facet layout issue
  • geonetwork: widgets / add privileges panel to batch operation.
  • geonetwork: ISO19139 / improve labels
  • geonetwork: fixed tooltip display error on IE
  • geonetwork: hide user menu if hideSignOut option is enable IE
  • geonetwork: add option to hide sign out action from user menu.
  • geonetwork: editor / suggestion / save changes before processing
  • geonetwork: RSS / add URL parameter to only return one link for each metadata
  • geonetwork: widgets / action menu is now in a custom element in the template
  • geonetwork: put default list width of some other search criterias to auto
  • geonetwork: search suggestion / properly returned field value with line break
  • geoserver: fixed "inspire extension not deployed"
  • header: fixed IE8 compatibility + header frameborder size set to 0
  • header: the platform-wide language set by shared.language is now enforced in the header module, see #540
  • ldapadmin: fixed incorrect generation of login - see #344
  • ldapadmin: remove user from groups after deleting the user - see #406
  • ldapadmin: prevent race condition when opening /#groups/:group directly.
  • ldapadmin: fixed erroneous admin count - see #405
  • ldapadmin: send HTTP 403 status code when access is forbidden, not 200 - see #244
  • ldapadmin: normalizes the user input so that we consider the uid is always lowercased - see #565
  • ldapadmin: fixed missing header on the account/newPassword page
  • ldapadmin: fixed group ordering in privateui
  • mapfishapp: fixed incorrect styles ordering
  • mapfishapp: annotation addon: fixed label size
  • mapfishapp: fix for vector features incompletely displayed - see #367
  • mapfishapp: buggy legend url does not make the print fail anymore- see #362
  • mapfishapp: window.onbeforeunload should not return null (fixed annoying IE popup)
  • mapfishapp: fixed "too many features" message in referentials search
  • mapfishapp: fixed WMS GetFeatureInfo feature reprojection in IE
  • mapfishapp: always compute data model on getfeatureinfo
  • mapfishapp: always prefer text/html metadataURL entries
  • mapfishapp: fixed WFS2 capabilities - see #373
  • mapfishapp: fixed JPEG layers in WMC loaded as PNG - see #370
  • mapfishapp: connection link in toolbar when header height is set to 0
  • mapfishapp: referential recenter : fix for old fashioned namespace usage
  • mapfishapp: fixed missing dependency to WFSCapabilitiesReader
  • mapfishapp: annotation addon: fixed calling createUrlObject with an object parameter - see #437
  • mapfishapp: in layerfinder, fixed incorrect reference to OpenLayers.i18n method
  • mapfishapp: file upload - the limit is 8MB, not 8GB
  • mapfishapp: file upload - better handling of server-side errors
  • mapfishapp: fixed extra comma (IE) in GEOR_print
  • mapfishapp: fixed wrong popup anchor position on edit - see #456
  • mapfishapp: annotations: fixed popup anchor - see #366
  • mapfishapp: fixed potentially incorrect metadata url - see #454
  • mapfishapp: less strict filtering of suitable images for thumbnail display in CSW querier
  • mapfishapp: fixed missing dependency to WKT format - see #482
  • mapfishapp: fixed incorrect maxScaleDenominator on WMC restored - see #431
  • mapfishapp: attribution logo correctly sized - see #490
  • mapfishapp: fixed wrong proxy selected when the webapp name does not contain private - see #509
  • mapfishapp: fixed various problems in legend printing
  • mapfishapp: fixed missing GEOR.config.USEREMAIL (used by the extractor addon)
  • mapfishapp: set a white background to the overview map in the printed PDF - see #372
  • mapfishapp: overview map now working at most small scales - see #513
  • mapfishapp: fixed magnifier tool - see #500
  • mapfishapp: fixed too much space between elements in FireFox - see #539
  • mapfishapp: print: white background for the overview map, see b09cc9
  • mapfishapp: print: scaled down legend icons to match map icons size, see 436913
  • mapfishapp: print: limit legend texts width, and wrap them, see 78c05d
  • mapfishapp: print: left align the legend to its column container, see d707a8
  • mapfishapp: fixed incorrect metadata URL in csw browser ("add a layer from thesaurus") - see #542
  • ogcservstatistics - fixed missing postgresql driver loading
  • proxy: fixed charset detection in ArcGIS server responses - see #498
  • proxy: removed sec-* headers from client request - see #154
  • proxy: fixed incorrect referer value - see #533
  • header: maintains existing URI parameters when adding the "login" param - see #175
  • build now passes on windows.


  • As a result of #569, LDAP groups are now groupOfNames instances rather than posixGroup instances. You have to migrate your LDAP tree, according to the following procedure (please change the dc=georchestra,dc=org string for your own base DN):

    • dump your ldap groups with:
    ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:389 -xLLL -D "cn=admin,dc=georchestra,dc=org" -w your_ldap_password -b "ou=groups,dc=georchestra,dc=org" > /tmp/groups.ldif
    • migration:
    sed -i 's/\(memberUid: \)\(.*\)/member: uid=\2,ou=users,dc=georchestra,dc=org/' /tmp/groups.ldif
    sed -i 's/posixGroup/groupOfNames/' /tmp/groups.ldif
    sed -i '/gidNumber/d' /tmp/groups.ldif OR sed -i 's/gidNumber/ou/' /tmp/groups.ldif if geofence is deployed
    sed -i 's/objectClass: groupOfNames/objectClass: groupOfNames\nmember: uid=fakeuser/' /tmp/groups.ldif
    • drop your groups organizationalUnit (ou)
    • optionally, have a look at the provided georchestra-memberof.ldif file, which creates & configures the memberOf overlay. As root, and after checking that the file targets the correct database (olcDatabase={1}hdb by default): ldapadd -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:// < georchestra-memberof.ldif
    • import the updated groups.ldif file.
  • analytics: the ExtJS submodule path has changed, be sure to run git submodule update --init when you switch branches.

  • databases: the downloadform, ogcstatistics and ldapadmin databases are now merged into a single one named "georchestra". Each webapp expects to find its tables in a dedicated schema ("downloadform" for the downloadform module, "ogcstatistics" for ogc-server-statistics, and "ldapadmin" for ldapadmin). See #535 for the complete patch. If you currently have one dedicated database for each module, you can keep your setup, provided you customize the shared.psql.ogc.statistics.db, shared.psql.download_form.db & shared.ldapadmin.db maven filters in your own config. In any case, you'll have to rename the download schema (of the previous downloadform database) into downloadform, and migrate the tables which were in the public schema of the databases ogcstatistics and ldapadmin into the newly created schemas.

Example migration script:

psql -d downloadform -c 'alter schema download rename to downloadform;'

wget https://raw.github.com/georchestra/georchestra/14.01/ldapadmin/database.sql -O /tmp/ldapadmin.sql
psql -d ldapadmin -f /tmp/ldapadmin.sql
psql -d ldapadmin -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA ldapadmin TO "www-data";'
psql -d ldapadmin -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA ldapadmin TO "www-data";'
psql -d ldapadmin -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL SEQUENCES IN SCHEMA ldapadmin TO "www-data";'
psql -d ldapadmin -c 'insert into ldapadmin.user_token (uid, token, creation_date) select uid, token, creation_date from public.user_token;'
psql -d ldapadmin -c 'drop table public.user_token;'

wget https://raw.github.com/georchestra/georchestra/14.01/ogc-server-statistics/database.sql -O /tmp/ogcstatistics.sql
psql -d ogcstatistics -f /tmp/ogcstatistics.sql
psql -d ogcstatistics -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA ogcstatistics TO "www-data";'
psql -d ogcstatistics -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA ogcstatistics TO "www-data";'
psql -d ogcstatistics -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ALL SEQUENCES IN SCHEMA ogcstatistics TO "www-data";'
psql -d ogcstatistics -c 'insert into ogcstatistics.ogc_services_log (id, user_name, date, service, layer, request, org) select id, user_name, date, service, layer, request, org from public.ogc_services_log;'
psql -d ogcstatistics -c 'drop table public.ogc_services_log;'
  • download form: the module is disabled by default (shared.download_form.activated=false). Be sure to set the value you want in your shared.maven.filters file.
  • extractorapp:
    • BUFFER_VALUES has changed. If you had a custom value in your GEOR_custom.js file, you have to modify it according to the new syntax.
    • the geobretagne_production env variable has been removed - see #97
  • geoserver: be sure to set the file.encoding tomcat option for geoserver to interpret correctly UTF-8 SLDs (read how).
  • ldapadmin:
    • accessing /ldapadmin/privateui/ is now restricted to members of the MOD_LDAPADMIN group. It is recommended that only members of the ADMINISTRATOR or SV_ADMIN administrative groups belong to MOD_LDAPADMIN, since this group allows privileges escalation.
    • new shared.ldapadmin.db parameter to specify the ldapadmin database name (defaults to "georchestra").
    • the ldapadmin private app is now accessed via /ldapadmin/privateui/ rather than /ldapadmin/privateui/index.html
  • mapfishapp:
    • geonames now require you to create an account in order to enable queries on their free web services (see #563). Please change the default account in your profile's GEOR_custom.js GEONAMES_FILTERS variable.
    • addons: custom addons relying on local web services should no longer assume that the application path is /mapfishapp. Instead, they should use the new GEOR.config.PATHNAME constant, eg here.
    • the app now requires a dedicated database schema, please refer to the INSTALL.md documentation.
    • new config option: SEND_MAP_TO for #443, please read the doc.
    • new config option: FORCE_LOGIN_IN_TOOLBAR
    • the NS_EDIT config option has been removed, and mapfishapp/edit is no longer routed. By default, all layers served by the platform geoserver are editable (see GEOR.custom.EDITABLE_LAYERS), provided the user has the rights to (defaults to members of ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR, see GEOR.custom.ROLES_FOR_EDIT).
    • the contexts referenced in your GEOR.custom.CONTEXTS array are now able to reference layers with their full attribution information (text, logo & link). Have a look at the provided default.wmc.
    • print: some parameters have changed when the print module was updated: maxIconWidth -> iconMaxWidth, maxIconHeight -> iconMaxHeight (see e6231c).
  • ogcservstatistics - disabled by default: shared.ogc.statistics.activated=false. Be sure to set the value you want in your shared.maven.filters file.
  • static: the "static" module has been renamed into "header": your deployment scripts must be adapted, as well as your apache2 configuration (or any other reverse proxy).

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 16, 2015 · 5541 commits to 18.06 since this release

Assets 2

This major release was supported by the GeoPicardie, PIGMA, CIGALsace and GeoBretagne projects.
The CRAIG (Centre Régional Auvergnat de l'Information Géographique) is also to be thanked for some nice patches.

New features:

  • mapfishapp: annotation addon with KML export,
  • mapfishapp: geofile upload: support of SHP, MIF/MID, GML, KML by default (uses a geotools implementation). Support of TAB and GPX when OGR is available (read this how to),
  • mapfishapp: WMS + WFS version autodetection,
  • mapfishapp: WMTS 1.0.0 support,
  • mapfishapp: WFS 2.0.0 support,
  • mapfishapp: WMS 1.3.0 support,
  • mapfishapp: OWSContext 0.3.x READ support (WMS layers),
  • mapfishapp: French IGN's GeoPortail webservices support,
  • mapfishapp: Russian translation (!),
  • geoserver: Opaque WMS Layer property support (see #158),
  • ldapadmin: a brand new module is available which allows at the same time to: admin your users in your browser, let your users recover their lost password, and let them register too ! More information in the module README,
  • extractorapp: ship metadata in ZIP (read this how to),
  • extractorapp: now supports KML & TIF+(TFW,TAB) output.


  • mapfishapp: external libs such as ExtJS updated to (for IE 10 support), GeoExt and OpenLayers updated to master (yeah !). This brings greater navigation ease and support for other cool stuff.
  • mapfishapp: added ability to restore contexts with a projection different from the map's (assuming layers will be able to reproject),
  • mapfishapp: print improved (updated to MapFish Print 2.0 for WMTS and GeoPortail support, brand new templates, natural 91 dpi resolution and new "comment" field),
  • mapfishapp: referentials search is no more case sensitive with WFS2,
  • mapfishapp: improved syntax for metadata search (via CSW), see #325,
  • mapfishapp: true print extent displayed,
  • mapfishapp: querier radius is now dynamically displayed in meters/km,
  • mapfishapp: WFS layers feature selection & attributes viewing,
  • mapfishapp: layer name and source smartly ellipsed with CSS rather than JS,
  • mapfishapp: do not close window on style applied,
  • mapfishapp: layer style list is now alphabetically sorted,
  • mapfishapp: permalink validity displayed in months,
  • mapfishapp: link to layer metadata which is declared as text/html is now prefered over the other links,
  • mapfishapp: addons can now be loaded by default (read how),
  • mapfishapp: added a note on data in the doc,
  • extractorapp: several small fixes for extractorapp reprojection,
  • extractorapp: more visible extract button,
  • extractorapp: auto-deactivate the "Modify the bbox" button,
  • geonetwork: validation report: translated all reported XSD errors in editor,
  • geonetwork: user menu: improved links according to role,
  • geonetwork: RSS: added URL parameter to only return one link for each metadata,
  • geonetwork: widgets: added privileges panel to batch operation,
  • geonetwork: improved icons plus a custom icon for XLS files,
  • SDI Instance name in page titles across the SDI (shared.instance.name, defaulting to "geOrchestra"),
  • everywhere: plain text emails, with the ability to switch back to HTML via shared.email.html,
  • everywhere: all outgoing emails are now prefixed with the platform name,
  • everywhere: better translations.
  • documentation: improved installation instructions

Bug fixes:

  • security-proxy: now only sends one referer headers - fixes consuming arcgis web services - read more,
  • geoserver: fixed incorrect WMS 1.3.0 scaledenominator values, see #264,
  • geonetwork: editor: suggestion: changes saved before processing,
  • geonetwork: user menu: IE compatibility issues fixed,
  • static: fixed incorrect login link on CAS pages,
  • cas: fixed IE8 JS error on login page,
  • extractorapp: fixed app loading on IE8,
  • extractorapp: now reports broken or uninstalled GDAL libraries,
  • mapfishapp: WM[T]S GetFeatureInfo geometries on the fly reprojection (at last !) - as a result, it is advised to fill the most widely used SRSes in your country in your GEOR_custom.js config file,
  • mapfishapp: fixed fontFamily not taken into account by styler - also requires apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer,
  • mapfishapp: fixed querier setup issue when WFS service is not available,
  • mapfishapp: more robust layer hydrating from namespaced capabilities,
  • mapfishapp: fixed zooming occuring while drawing features,
  • mapfishapp: mouse position rounding is now correct for ETRS89, RGF93 and other long-lat based projections,
  • mapfishapp: fixed scrolling on a map without any visible layer,
  • mapfishapp: fixed unresolved images for point symbolizer combo,
  • mapfishapp: fixed legend label not appearing when only one class is available,
  • mapfishapp: fixed incorrect describeFeatureType URLs,
  • mapfishapp: fixed undefined addons title and description when lang dict does not exist yet,
  • mapfishapp: fixed broken referentials search in IE8,
  • mapfishapp: fixed broken help url


  • mapfishapp:
    • default projection changes from EPSG:2154 to EPSG:3857 (aka Spherical Web Mercator). Your users might need to clear their localStorage, or force loading of the new default context.
    • default MAP_SCALES changes to match the OGC WMTS spec,
  • LDAP: see georchestra/LDAP#2
    • one group was renamed: STAT_USER becomes MOD_ANALYTICS - grants access to the analytics app,
    • an other one was created: MOD_LDAPADMIN - grants access to the LDAPadmin private UI (/ldapadmin/privateui/).
  • The default application language is now English:
    • shared.language = en
    • geonetwork.language = eng
    • default email templates here and there: be sure to override them in your own config !
  • Remember also to fill these new global maven filters:
    • shared.homepage.url - for your SDI home page (might be something like http://my.sdi.org/portal/),
    • shared.instance.name - will be displayed in page titles (eg: GeoMyCompany),
    • shared.email.html - whether to send emails in plain text (default) or HTML,
    • shared.administrator.email - this email receives new account requests (eg: me@mycompany.com)
  • shared maven filters renamed:
    • shared.smtp.replyTo -> shared.email.replyTo
    • shared.smtp.from -> shared.email.from
  • frontend webserver:

@fvanderbiest fvanderbiest released this Feb 16, 2015 · 6523 commits to 18.06 since this release

Assets 2

This release was supported by the French GeoPicardie, GeoBretagne and CIGALsace projects, the GIP ATGeRi and individual contributors.

New features:

  • geoserver: updated to 2.3.2,
  • geoserver: patched to include ScaleHint (WMS 1.1.x) and Min/MaxScaleDenominator (WMS 1.3.0) in the capabilities documents, according to the default layer SLD. The patched was accepted in GeoServer master, see http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOS-572


  • the header is now part of the static module, and all webapps make use of it. As a result, requests to static pass through the security-proxy,
  • the header height can be set across all applications by the way of a unique shared maven filter,
  • mapfishapp: the CSW querier filters results on type = dataset OR series,
  • extractorapp: supported output formats combos made configurable, ECW output format expunged by default,
  • the template config was slimmed down: files where default values are suitable for most deployments were moved to config/defaults,
  • the documentation was improved (mapfishapp, install, manage configs),
  • we now have CI on JS files syntax with Travis !

Bug fixes:

  • fixed the ability to turn off the downloadform with shared.downloadform.activated,
  • mapfishapp: referentials search now sends the map srs in the WFS query to allow feature reprojection,
  • mapfishapp: fixed incorrect thumbnail URLs in CSW querier,
  • mapfishapp: fixed misaligned thumbnail in CSW querier,
  • mapfishapp: fixed window + grid problems on service opening, see issue 109,
  • mapfishapp: fixed error in GEOR.ows.hydrateLayerRecord when falling back to main service,
  • mapfishapp: fixed links to MD sheet, see issue 110,
  • mapfishapp: fixed broken legend after styling, see issue 107,
  • mapfishapp: more robust handling of incoming WMS server URLs (eg: those with a mapfile GET parameter),
  • geonetwork: fixed ldap attribute mapping.


  • mapfishapp's default thesaurus has been set to local.theme.test, which is the only one exported by GeoNetwork by default. Feel free to customize to suit your needs,
  • geonetwork upgrade instructions are available here.