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Gephi Plugins Bootcamp

Get started with the Gephi Platform and start to create Gephi Plugins by looking at these examples.

The Gephi Plugins Bootcamp is the best sources of examples and good practices to create all types of plug-ins (layout, filter, io, visualization, ...). Consult the Javadoc to discover the different APIs. Documentation is also available on the Gephi Plugins repository.

Gephi Plugins Bootcamp

What's inside?

Complete list of the plug-ins examples included in the bootcamp:


  • Grid Layout

    • Place all nodes in a simple grid. Users can configure the size of the area and the speed.
  • Sorted Grid Layout

    • Same example as Grid Layout but users can sort nodes with an attribute column.


  • Transform to Undirected

    • Edge filter to remove mutual edges in a directed graph.
  • Top nodes

    • Keep the top K nodes using an attribute column.
  • Remove Edge Crossing

    • Example of a complex filter implementation which removes edges until no crossing occurs.


  • Find

    • Tool with a autocomplete text field to find any node based on labels and zoom by it.
  • Add Nodes

    • Listen to mouse clicks and adds nodes. Also adds edges if selecting other nodes.


  • JPG Export

    • Vectorial export to the JPG image format. Contains a settings panel to set the width and height.
  • SQLite Database Export

    • Current graph export to a SQLite Database file. A new sub-menu is added in the Export menu and an example of a custom exporter is shown.


  • Highlight Mutual Edges

    • Colors differently mutual edges. Overwrites and extends the default edge renderer.
  • Glow Renderer

    • Adds a new renderer for node items which draws a glow effect around nodes.
  • Node Z-ordering

    • Extends the default node builder by reordering the node items by size or any number columns. Also shows how to create complex Preview UI.
  • Square shaped nodes

    • Demonstrates how to extend and replace a default renderer. Extends node default renderer to support square shaped nodes.


  • Matrix Market Importer
    • File importer for the Matrix Market format.


  • Count Self-Loop

    • Example of a statistics result at the global level. Simply counts the number of self-loop edges in the graph.
  • Average Euclidean Distance

    • Example of a per-node calculation. For a given node it calculates the average distance to others.


  • Simple generator

    • Hello world generator which creates a two nodes network.
  • Streaming generator

    • Shows how to create a continuous generator using threads.

Data laboratory

  • Interactive sparkline

    • Table cell action that shows an interactive sparkline of a number list or dynamic number.
  • Convert column to dynamic

    • Column action that replaces a column with its dynamic equivalent with a defined interval.
  • Invert row selection

    • General action (plugin) that inverts the current table row selection.
  • Equal values merge strategy

    • Column merge strategy that creates a new boolean column with values indicating if the two given columns have the same value.
  • Set node(s) color

    • Nodes action that edits the color of one or more nodes

Plugins sub-menu

  • Test action

    • Simple action which display a message and a dialog.
  • Remove self loops

    • Action which accesses the graph and remove self-loops, if any.
  • Using Progress and Cancel

    • Action which creates a long task and execute it with progress and cancel support.

Execute at startup

  • When UI is ready

    • Do something when the UI finished loading.
  • Workspace select events

    • Do something when a workspace is selected.


  • Initial Position
    • Set up the nodes' initial position always the same. It calculates a hash with all nodes so the X/Y position is randomized always in the same way.

New Panel

  • New panel
    • Example of a new panel plugin set up at the ranking position.


Out of the box plug-ins development suite. Contains examples for all types of plug-ins.



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