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Open Research Computing (ORC)

For more information about ORC project:

Technical Details

This ORC instance is deployed on kubernetes on bare metal machines with Ubuntu 18.04. And kubernetes cluster is created with kubeadm. Flannel is used as pod network. Docker version 18.06.0-ce is installed on servers.

All docker images of this project can be found in

To monitor GESIS Notebooks:

Nginx & Shibboleth

Nginx is used as reverse proxy and load balancer. It also handles Shibboleth login and SSL offloading/termination.

nginx-shibboleth service has type ClusterIP and all other services in ORC cluster in k8s has type NodePort and run behind nginx-shibboleth service.

Dockerfile for nginx-shibboleth container extends gesiscss/nginx-shibboleth image to be used in ORC instance.

Nginx configuration files

Shibboleth configuration files


JupyterHub 0.9.4 runs under

Chart version 0.8-1591696.

Dockerfile of hub extends gesiscss/k8s-hub image in order to use jhub_shibboleth_auth authenticator in ORC.

Single user server image


BinderHub (with jupyter/repo2docker:9766c954) runs under

Chart version 0.2.0-6bfd93b

Uses Docker Hub Registry ( to store built images.

NFS provisioner

NFS provisioner (v2.2.1) is currently set as the default storage provider in k8s cluster.

ORC Site

A micro app to serve ORC templates and to host the gallery.