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Open Research Computing (ORC)

For more information about ORC project:

Feel free to open an issue in this repository if there are any questions or contact us at

Technical Details

This ORC instance is deployed on kubernetes on bare metal machines with Ubuntu 18.04. And kubernetes cluster (ORC cluster) is created with kubeadm (v1.18.3). calico is used as network provider. Docker version 19.03.8 is installed on servers.

All docker images of this project can be found in

Load Balancer

Because we setup the kubernetes cluster on baremetal, we use the deployment approach "Using a self-provisioned edge".

Nginx is used as reverse proxy server and load balancer. It also handles SSL offloading/termination and serves static files. It is outside of ORC cluster and a public entrypoint to the cluster. All services in the cluster has type NodePort.


NFS Server Provisioner is the default storage provider in ORC cluster.


Persistent BinderHub runs under

Uses Docker Hub Registry ( to store built images.

GESIS Binder

BinderHub runs under

GESIS Hub and Binder uses same docker images (they uses same repo2docker version).


Gallery of popular repos launched on GESIS Binder and featured projects: