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Moleculer for the browser.
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Moleculer for the browser.

moleculer-browser is a wrapper on top of Moleculer.

Most of the 90% of the Moleculer's codebase is platform agnostic.

Using rollup we replaced the specific code for Node.js with shims to simulate the original behaviour.


$ npm install @geut/moleculer-browser


const { ServiceBroker } = require('@geut/moleculer-browser')

const broker = new ServiceBroker({
  transporter: { type: 'fake' },
  serializer: 'Json',
  logger: console

  name: 'math',
  actions: {
    add (ctx) {
      return Number(ctx.params.a) + Number(ctx.params.b)

// Call service
  .then(() =>'math.add', { a: 5, b: 3 }))
  .then(res => console.log('5 + 3 =', res))
  .catch(err => console.error(`Error occured! ${err.message}`))



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Edit moleculer-browser


When we talk about services we think at some point in a process running in some environment. Well, the browser is a process too.

What if the browser could provide a service itself through a network on top of WebSockets or WebRTC?

That's what we want to show here.


🐛 If you found an issue we encourage you to report it on github. Please specify your OS and the actions to reproduce it.


👥 Ideas and contributions to the project are welcome. You must follow this guideline.


MIT © A GEUT project

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