python vflip: OpenGL accelerated image viewer
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pvflip an OpenGL accelerated image viewer


  • Smoothly inspect and zoom high dynamic range images with a simple interface using the mouse and modifier keys
  • Can visualize a large collection of image formats and bit depths (integer and float): PNG, PNM, JPG, TIFF, EXR, camera RAW, VRT, and other more obscure formats like PFM, FLO and MW
  • Drag-and-drop on a running instance to add files to the current view list and remove with (-)
  • Support for retina displays
  • Take snapshots of the current window content
  • Precompiled binaries for Windows and MAC

Running the program: No need for installation

If the dependencies are met just run

> ./ image_file image_file2 ...

Note: On Linux and MAC platforms the program will compile the glfw and piio modules during its first execution, leaving the libraries in the corresponding subdirectories.

Note 2: If the compiler complains about "declarations that are only allowed in C99 mode" then specify the dialect with

> CC='gcc -std=c99' ./ image_file

the environment variable is needed only for the first execution.

On Windows:

The compilation of glfw and piio on windows is not automatic and it can be laborious. For this reason precompiled WIN32/64 DLLs of glfw (Release 3.2.1 from and iio are included in the distribution. So with python (i.e. and pyOpenGL it should work.

Alternatively use a precompiled version of pvflip.

Precompiled pvflip:

Standalone binaries of pvflip are available for:

  • WIN32: exe program in a single file or with multiple files.
  • WIN64: without openEXR support: single file or multiple files.
  • Mac OS X 64 (OSX >= 1.7): App that uses the system python.

Just unzip and launch the file v.exe, or v.


OSX dependencies (known)

PyOpenGL (pip install PyOpenGL)
A working C/C++ compiler envoronment, make, and cmake
libtiff libjpeg libpng for piio (optionally: libRAW, OpenEXR)

Linux dependencies (known)

xorg-dev libglu1-mesa-dev
python-opengl cmake 
A working C compiler
libtiff-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev for piio

Windows dependencies

Statically linked win32 DLLs for GLFW and IIO are provided, 
so there's no need to compile them under windows. Yet to run pvflip 
the following dependencies must be met.
* python >= 2.7 from
* pip from
      run: C:\Python27\python.exe
* pyopengl
      run: C:\Python27\Scripts>pip.exe pyopengl
* GLUT32 must be installed. Make sure that the file glut32.dll 
  is in windows\system*\, otherwise download it from:

Optional dependency (only for accessing some piio functionalities)

numpy > 1.5