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Build Status

Create and check META6.json files and module skeletons.

Depends on git and curl in $PATH and got a timeout of 60s for each call to both. Those are used to setup a git and github repo.

Module skeletons include basic directories, META6.json, t/meta.t, .travis.yml and a The latter includes a link to travis-ci.


meta6 --create --name=<project-name-here> --force
meta6 --check
meta6 --create-cfg-dir
meta6 --new-module --name=<Module::Name::Here> --force --skip-git --skip-github

General Options

--meta6-file=<path-to-META6.json> # defaults to ./META6.json

Create Options

--version # defaults to 0.0.1
--perl # defaults to 6.c
--author # defaults to user/name from ~/.gitconfig
--auth # defaults to credentials/username from ~/.gitconfig