Implementation of Reeds Shepp curve.
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Reeds Shepp Path Library

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The library implements the analytic Reeds Shepp path between two SE2 configurations. Reeds Sheep path [1] is defined as the shortest traveling path of the Reeds-Shepp Car, a car that can go both forward and backward with a constrained turning radius. Reeds-Sheep path can be viewed as a generalized version of Dubins path.

The primary C++ source code comes from Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL). And the API of Python version (primarily a Cython wrapper) is similar to the Dubins library from Andrew Walker.

More descriptions can be referred to the OMPL and section 15.3.2 of the book Planning Algorithms.


Install from source

$ sudo python install


$ python demos/

alternate text


  • path_length( q0, q1, turning_radius)
    • return total length of Reed Shepps curve from q0 to q1 with specified turning radius
  • path_sample( q0, q1, turning_radius, step_size)
    • return list of tuple (x,y,theta) uniformly sampled from corresponding Reed Shepps curve
  • path_type( q0, q1, turning_radius)
    • return the tuple of path segment type for the Reed Sheps curve from q0 to q1 with specified turning radius


  • PyPI install
  • cpp/python demo


[1]Reeds, J., & Shepp, L. (1990). Optimal paths for a car that goes both forwards and backwards. Pacific journal of mathematics, 145(2), 367-393.