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Open-source software produced by the GIFT-Surg Consortium

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  1. NiftyMIC is a research-focused toolkit for motion correction and volumetric image reconstruction of 2D ultra-fast MRI.

    Python 53 13

  2. A toolkit for fetal brain localization and segmentation using deep learning

    Python 10 4

  3. An open-source C++ and Python API for acquiring, processing and encoding video streams in real time. Supports several frame-grabber cards, standard-compliant network streams and video files. Python…

    C++ 32 13

  4. Python Unified Multi-tasking API (PUMA)


  5. A Java Web Start application for anonymising and uploading DICOM data to a GIFT-Cloud or XNAT server

    Java 4 4

  6. An API and GUI application for semi-automated interactive segmentation of medical images.

    MATLAB 13 4


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