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WebSocketMain not yet handling continuation frame #129

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I'm testing on IE8 against Tomcat 7 running a simple websocket app. The connection is closed unexpectedly while receiving some data. In the log window it says "[WebSocket] Fail connection by client: code=1003 reason=Received continuation frame, which is not implemented."

I see in the flash code, we're not handling the OPCODE_CONTINUATION. Is there plan to implement this soon?


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Yeah that's not implemented. Hopefully I will implement it in the future, but I'm happy to accept pull request if someone implement it.


What would be involved to add in this feature? We've got an app which is sending back reasonably large chunks of data which is facing this issue in IE9. We could either implementing paging of the data on the server side, but thought I'd ask how much effort you think would be required to add it to the flash fall back.


I'm not sure when I have time to implement it. It would be nice if someone implement it and sent pull request.


Is it an actionscript code change or a javascript code change? I don't think I have the proper tools to do an actionscript code change, but I could throw some javascript at you


It's ActionScript change. You just need a normal text editor and a free command line tool (Flex SDK) to code ActionScript.

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