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GIScience Research Group and HeiGIT

๐ŸŒ HeiGIT and GIScience at Heidelberg University are engaged in research and opensource development at the interface between geography and computational science


  1. openrouteservice openrouteservice Public

    ๐ŸŒ The open source route planner api with plenty of features.

    Java 1.2k 362

  2. ors-map-client ors-map-client Public template

    Openrouteservice API web SPA client using VueJS, Vuetify and Vue2Leaflet

    JavaScript 94 29

  3. openrouteservice-py openrouteservice-py Public

    ๐Ÿ The Python API to consume openrouteservice(s) painlessly!

    Python 356 53

  4. oshdb oshdb Public

    OpenStreetMap History Data Analysis Framework

    Java 103 18

  5. ohsome-api ohsome-api Public

    API for analysing OpenStreetMap history data

    Java 39 6

  6. ohsome-quality-api ohsome-quality-api Public

    Data quality estimations for OpenStreetMap

    Python 32 7


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