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A multi-platform library for OpenGL, window and input



GLFW is a free, Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES application development. It provides a simple, platform-independent API for creating windows and contexts, reading input, handling events, etc.

Version 3.1 is not yet described.

If you are new to GLFW, you may find the introductory tutorial for GLFW 3 useful. If you have used GLFW 2 in the past, there is a transition guide for moving to the GLFW 3 API.

Note that a number of source files have been added or renamed in 3.1, which may require you to update any custom build files you have.

Compiling GLFW

See the Compiling GLFW guide in the GLFW documentation.

Using GLFW

See the Building programs that use GLFW guide in the GLFW documentation.


GLFW bundles a number of dependencies in the deps/ directory.

The following dependencies are needed by GLFW:

The following dependencies are needed by the examples and test programs:


  • Added GLFWcursor custom system cursor handle
  • Added glfwCreateCursor, glfwDestroyCursor and glfwSetCursor for managing custom system cursors
  • Added GLFWimage struct for passing 32-bit RGBA images
  • Added native monitor handle access to native API
  • Added glfwSetDropCallback and GLFWdropfun for receiving dropped files
  • Added glfwPostEmptyEvent for allowing secondary threads to cause glfwWaitEvents to return
  • Added empty test program for verifying posting of empty events
  • Added glfwGetWindowFrameSize for retrieving the size of the frame around the client area of a window
  • Added GLFW_INCLUDE_ES31 for including the OpenGL ES 3.1 header
  • Added partial and experimental support for Wayland
  • Bugfix: The debug context attribute was set from GL_ARB_debug_output even when a debug context had not been requested
  • Bugfix: The particles example was not linked against the threading library
  • [Cocoa] Added _GLFW_USE_RETINA to control whether windows will use the full resolution on Retina displays
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Using a 1x1 cursor for hidden mode caused some screen recorders to fail
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Some Core Foundation objects were leaked during joystick enumeration
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: One copy of each display name string was leaked
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Monitor enumeration caused a segfault if no NSScreen was found for a given CGDisplay
  • [Win32] Enabled generation of pkg-config file for MinGW
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Failure to load winmm or its functions was not reported to the error callback
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Some keys were reported based on the current layout instead of their physical location
  • [X11] Made GLX 1.3 the minimum supported version
  • [X11] Bugfix: The case of finding no usable CRTCs was not detected
  • [X11] Bugfix: Detection of broken Nvidia RandR gamma support did not verify that at least one CRTC was present
  • [X11] Bugfix: A stale _NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK root window property would cause an uncaught BadWindow error
  • [X11] Bugfix: No check was made for the presence GLX 1.3 when GLX_SGIX_fbconfig was unavailable
  • [X11] Bugfix: The message type of ICCCM protocol events was not checked
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwDestroyWindow did not flush the output buffer.
  • [X11] Bugfix: Window frame interactions were reported as focus events
  • [X11] Bugfix: Workaround for legacy Compiz caused flickering during resize


The official website for GLFW is There you can find the latest version of GLFW, as well as news, documentation and other information about the project.

If you have questions related to the use of GLFW, we have a support forum, and the IRC channel #glfw on Freenode.

If you have a bug to report, a patch to submit or a feature you'd like to request, please file it in the issue tracker on GitHub.

Finally, if you're interested in helping out with the development of GLFW or porting it to your favorite platform, we have an occasionally active developer's mailing list, or you could join us on #glfw.


GLFW exists because people around the world donated their time and lent their skills.

  • Bobyshev Alexander
  • artblanc
  • arturo
  • Matt Arsenault
  • Keith Bauer
  • John Bartholomew
  • Niklas Behrens
  • Niklas Bergström
  • Doug Binks
  • blanco
  • Lambert Clara
  • Andrew Corrigan
  • Noel Cower
  • Jarrod Davis
  • Olivier Delannoy
  • Paul R. Deppe
  • Michael Dickens
  • Jonathan Dummer
  • Ralph Eastwood
  • Michael Fogleman
  • Gerald Franz
  • GeO4d
  • Marcus Geelnard
  • Stefan Gustavson
  • Sylvain Hellegouarch
  • Matthew Henry
  • heromyth
  • Paul Holden
  • Toni Jovanoski
  • Osman Keskin
  • Cameron King
  • Peter Knut
  • Robin Leffmann
  • Glenn Lewis
  • Shane Liesegang
  • Дмитри Малышев
  • Martins Mozeiko
  • Tristam MacDonald
  • Hans Mackowiak
  • Kyle McDonald
  • David Medlock
  • Jonathan Mercier
  • Marcel Metz
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Bruce Mitchener
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Jeff Molofee
  • Jon Morton
  • Pierre Moulon
  • Julian Møller
  • Kamil Nowakowski
  • Ozzy
  • Andri Pálsson
  • Peoro
  • Braden Pellett
  • Arturo J. Pérez
  • Pieroman
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Ed Ropple
  • Riku Salminen
  • Sebastian Schuberth
  • Matt Sealey
  • SephiRok
  • Steve Sexton
  • Systemcluster
  • Dmitri Shuralyov
  • Daniel Skorupski
  • Bradley Smith
  • Julian Squires
  • Johannes Stein
  • Justin Stoecker
  • Nathan Sweet
  • TTK-Bandit
  • Sergey Tikhomirov
  • Samuli Tuomola
  • urraka
  • Jari Vetoniemi
  • Simon Voordouw
  • Torsten Walluhn
  • Jay Weisskopf
  • Frank Wille
  • yuriks
  • Santi Zupancic
  • Jonas Ådahl
  • Lasse Öörni
  • All the unmentioned and anonymous contributors in the GLFW community, for bug reports, patches, feedback, testing and encouragement
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