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A document to configure GlobaLeaks, after the installation following the procedure of #65 has to be prepared.

This document must show all the sequences, procedures and actions that the node admin admin must follow in order to have a successfully installed globaleaks node.

@evilaliv3 evilaliv3 was assigned Mar 22, 2013
vecna commented Mar 29, 2013

  • Node Administration via web interface
    • customize access
  • Command line options
  • Default settings
  • Init scripts
vecna commented Apr 8, 2013

Written Admin configuration section: with a couple of screenshot.

I've put a little explanation of "what is a context" because we need to be sure that also the causal adopters (that has not read deep documentation) understand the few concepts bring by globaleaks.


I'd make it simpler with a step-by-step procedure (STEP 1 - Do this. STEP 2 - Do that) to end-up with a basic node up and running, without major explanation about the "concepts" that are already present in the glossary and that should end-up in a "end user guide" that's the one at #107 .

This document is still for operational / partially-technical people doing the "technical operations" to make the stuff working.

hellais commented Apr 9, 2013

I did a cleanup of the english of these pages (

The images are currently hosted on delirandom. We should move these images to a host that serves them over https. I would suggest we host them on github directly or on The later would require us to buy an ssl cert (something we will have to do anyways).


I suggest to remove all images and make a simple STEP by STEP procedure to have globaleaks configured

hellais commented Apr 28, 2013

Done, but needs the sidebar fixed.


Sidebar fixed

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