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GlobaLeaks is a project aimed at creating a secure and anonymous Whistleblowing platform.

You can read our Guidelines for Whistleblowing Initiatives for GlobaLeaks adopters as a non technical user to plan and organize your whistleblowing initiative.

It's possible to read about the functional and technical Architecture of GlobaLeaks.

Here the you can access the Changelog detailing Feature improvements and bugfixes.

We want to help organization willing to setup a Whistleblowing Initiative for good purposes, we do recommend to follow our GlobaLeaks Fast Track Program to follow a workflow of work together to get your GlobaLeaks quickly up & running.

GlobaLeaks is an Open Source software released under Free Affero GPL License.

GlobaLeaks makes use of a plethora of selected Open Source Software. For the list of software used in GlobaLeaks refer to Open Source Software.

If you need help write us to or come on #globaleaks

GlobaLeaks Documentation

The following sections represent GlobaLeaks documentation:

Setup Guide

The following documents are the technical and operational corpus for setting up a GlobaLeaks based Whistleblowing Site by someone with basic Linux knowledge:

Software Security

Listed in the following are the documents relevant to the GlobaLeaks security and anonymity protection:

Software Development

GlobaLeaks development is split into two repositories: GLBackend and GLClient.

The first thing to look at, in order to understand the jargon used across the project, is the Glossary. To get a deeper understanding of GlobaLeaks' architecture you should read the Architecture Document. For a general understanding of the project at large, you can read the GlobaLeaks Project Plan

To setup the build environment you need follow the Setting Up GlobaLeaks Software Development

You can subscribe to the following mailing lists to stay in touch:




GlobaLeaks codebase is keept continously under Unit Testing thanks to the Travis CI and Coveralls cloud services.

Repository Master Branch Devel Branch
GLBackend Build Status Coverage Status Build Status Coverage Status
GLClient Build Status Coverage Status Build Status Coverage Status

Release Procedure

Our Infrastructure

In GlobaLeaks we make use of a set of Cloud Services and of an own Linux Server to manage various stuff related to the project.

This section describe our own infrastructure. Please note that we do not accept leaks or submission and this infrastructure is only used for the project development.

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