Installation Guide

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Installing and running GlobaLeaks on a Debian base system

Before starting the installation, make sure to read and understand the Technical Requirements .

If installing on a Virtual Server, please read OpenVZ Special Requirement

If you want to support our research you can follow the guidelines to set up the GlobaLeaks Experimental Release.

Install GlobaLeaks

Copy & paste the following commands in your terminal:

chmod +x

Configure GlobaLeaks

There is a Configuration Guide for your new GlobaLeaks node.

Expose GlobaLeaks via HTTPS as a normal website

GlobaLeaks is generally exposed only via Tor (which is preferable)

While not as secure, the need to expose it via HTTPS as a normal website is doable by means of a specialized HTTPS proxy called Tor2web. For this you need to follow the step-by-step guide which also covers Letsencrypt.