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The GNUstep gui library is a library of graphical user interface classes written completely in the Objective-C language; the classes are based upon Apple's Cocoa framework (which came from the OpenStep specification). *** Larger patches require copyright assignment to FSF. please file bugs here. ***
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Documentation release-chore: Update to 0.27.0. Jan 6, 2019
Fonts Minor tidyups to back makefiles; removed references to GNUmakefile.lo… Feb 11, 2010
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.cvsignore Added missing .cvsignore files. Jan 7, 2004
ANNOUNCE release-chore: Update to 0.27.0. Jan 6, 2019
COPYING Add GPL 3 licence file. Nov 5, 2007
ChangeLog * Source/cairo/CairoFontInfo.m, May 19, 2019
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NEWS release-chore: Update to 0.27.0. Jan 6, 2019
README release-chore: Update to 0.27.0. Jan 6, 2019
Version Update version Sep 14, 2019 Revert library license version to 2 until applications can be converted Jun 10, 2008 Specifically check for X11/extensions/sync.h Nov 24, 2015 * Rewrite, avoid setting vars unecessarily. Use Feb 23, 2005
configure Be consistent in prepending flags to existing LDFLAGS and CPPLFLAGS Mar 3, 2018 Fixed changelog. Enabled Debian packaging. May 5, 2014
install-sh Initial revision Mar 27, 2002 Change to show messages when installing. Mar 17, 2012
pkg.m4 Patch by Yavor Doganov to improve autoreconf. Jan 7, 2018



This is version 0.27.0 of the GNUstep GUI Backend ('gnustep-back').

   Here is some introductory info to get you started:

1.1 Initial reading

   * The file 'ANNOUNCE' contains a very brief overview of the library.
     It also tells you where to get the most recent version.

   * The file 'NEWS' has the library's feature history.

   * The file 'INSTALL' gives instructions for installing the library.

1.2 How can you help?

   * Give us feedback!  Tell us what you like; tell us what you think
     could be better.  Send us bug reports at <>.

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