Asp.Net Example version of famous and beautiful AdminLTE control panel themes and template.
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AdminLTE - is a Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme Based On Bootstrap 3.x

the creator of AdminLTE is Abdulllah Almsaeed

follow this AdminLTE link for original HTML/JavaScript version.

ASP.NET Core 2 MVC Version

this repo, provide full ASP.NET Core 2 MVC version of AdminLTE, consisting all the demo pages provided by HTML/JavaScript version of AdminLTE such as:

  • Dashboard
  • Layout
  • Widgets
  • Charts
  • UI Elements
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Calendar
  • Mailbox
  • Examples
  • Multilevel

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Development Tools & Environment

I'm using Visual Studio Community 2017 for the development tools on Windows 10 machine. For this project, i'm using AdminLTE version 2.4.0.

AdminLTE ASP.NET Core 2 MVC Version Usage

You can Clone / Download the repo and then start building beautiful web app using this visual studio solution. From this project you can also learn how to:

  • work with controller
  • work with view
  • work with partial view
  • work with layout
  • work with JavaScript / jQuery
  • work with razor
  • create HTML helper extension

Simple CRUD Example

I have provide simple Ajax jQuery CRUD example


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