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doc/go1.13: add missing periods

Change-Id: If9ad650174572c475f0b3d3394208c2a9dd0a596
Reviewed-by: Agniva De Sarker <>
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toshihiro-shiino authored and agnivade committed Aug 14, 2019
1 parent 61bb56a commit ad4ed87f80c33f23bdd3767ef3208f15a1fb5c90
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@@ -825,7 +825,7 @@ <h3 id="minor_library_changes">Minor changes to the library</h3>
A new function <a href="/pkg/net/http/#NewRequestWithContext"><code>NewRequestWithContext</code></a> has been added and it
accepts a <a href="/pkg/context/#Context"><code>Context</code></a> that controls the entire lifetime of
the created outgoing <a href="/pkg/net/http/#Request"><code>Request</code></a>, suitable for use with
<a href="/pkg/net/http/#Client.Do"><code>Client.Do</code></a> and <a href="/pkg/net/http/#Transport.RoundTrip"><code>Transport.RoundTrip</code></a>
<a href="/pkg/net/http/#Client.Do"><code>Client.Do</code></a> and <a href="/pkg/net/http/#Transport.RoundTrip"><code>Transport.RoundTrip</code></a>.

<p><!-- CL 179457 -->
@@ -876,7 +876,7 @@ <h3 id="minor_library_changes">Minor changes to the library</h3>
Tracebacks, <a href="/pkg/runtime/#Caller"><code>runtime.Caller</code></a>,
and <a href="/pkg/runtime/#Callers"><code>runtime.Callers</code></a> now refer to the function that
initializes the global variables of <code>PKG</code>
as <code>PKG.init</code> instead of <code>PKG.init.ializers</code>
as <code>PKG.init</code> instead of <code>PKG.init.ializers</code>.

</dl><!-- runtime -->

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