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@felixarntz felixarntz released this 08 May 02:34

This release includes security fixes. An update is strongly recommended.


  • Introduce standalone UI mode for plugin admin screens. Props EvanHerman. See #1281.
  • Introduce modules/analytics datastore for managing Analytics state in JS. See #1224.
  • Introduce core/modules datastore for managing module information and activation state. See #1179.


  • Preload REST API datapoints for core/site and core/user datastores to avoid firing these extra requests. See #1478.
  • Add support for new Optimize container IDs starting in OPT-. See #1471.
  • Improve alignment of dialog buttons. See #1436.
  • Rely on the default profile specified in an Analytics property for the profile to pre-select in the dropdown in Analytics setup/settings. See #1404.
  • Remove periods from single sentences in settings panel lists. See #1401.
  • Add utility function to combine multiple datastore objects. See #1400.
  • Significantly improve stability and maintainability of Analytics module setup and settings. See #1101.
  • Update Analytics control for whether to place snippet to use a toggle instead of radio buttons for consistency. See #1048.


  • Fix bug where Analytics would never request AdSense metrics even with a successful AdSense connection. See #1524.
  • Fix bug where amp-auto-ads snippet would not always be printed if the theme didn't support the wp_body_open action. See #1495.
  • Do not request remote notifications if the site is not connected to the remote. See #1479.
  • Update registered site name on authentication service when it is updated in WordPress. See #1397.
  • Display only paths instead of full URLs in Analytics tables for better visibility and consistency with Analytics frontend. See #1116.
  • Add missing translator comments to ease plugin localization for contributors. See #820.