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TCMalloc Platforms

The TCMalloc code is supported on the following platforms. By "platforms", we mean the union of operating system, architecture (e.g. little-endian vs. big-endian), compiler, and standard library.

Language Requirements

TCMalloc requires a code base that supports C++17 and our code is C++17-compliant. C code is required to be compliant to C11.

We guarantee that our code will compile under the following compilation flags:


  • gcc 9.2+, clang 9.0+: -std=c++17

(TL;DR; All code at this time must be built under C++17. We will update this list if circumstances change.)

Supported Platforms

The document below lists each platform, broken down by Operating System, Architecture, Specific Compiler, and Standard Library implementation.



Operating System Endianness/Word Size Processor Architectures Compilers* Standard Libraries
Linux little-endian, 64-bit x86, PPC gcc 9.2+
clang 9.0+

* We test on gcc 9.2, though gcc versions (which support C++17) prior to that release should also work.

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