Starting ipdb inside ipython breaks color coding (windows) #31

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1. Run ipython (in windows), import and run a method that includes a call to ipdb (i just included import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() inside a method that i imported in this case django's
2. Debugger starts but all the color coding is output as raw strings, like so:

> ←[1;32mc:\users\big\envs\appricot\lib\site-packages\django\core\management\commands\←[0m(184)←[0;36mprocess_file←
←[1;32m    183 ←[1;33m        ←[1;32mimport←[0m ←[0mipdb←[0m←[1;33m;←[0m ←[0mipdb←[0m←[1;33m.←[0m←[0mset_trace←[0m←[1;33m(←[0m←[1;
←[0m←[1;32m--> 184 ←[1;33m        ←[0mthefile←[0m ←[1;33m=←[0m ←[0mfile←[0m←[1;33m←[0m←[0m
←[0m←[1;32m    185 ←[1;33m        ←[0morig_file←[0m ←[1;33m=←[0m ←[0mos←[0m←[1;33m.←[0m←[0mpath←[0m←[1;33m.←[0m←[0mjoin←[0m←[1;33m
(←[0m←[0mdirpath←[0m←[1;33m,←[0m ←[0mfile←[0m←[1;33m)←[0m←[1;33m←[0m←[0m

Edit: Just to clarify, my issue is reproducible on the first ipdb run, just by entering ipython and importing any module ( which includes the line import ipdb;ipdb.set_trace()


Same here. Windows 7, Python 2.6.5, ipython 0.13 ipddb 0.7

The bug only happens when a second trace is activated after the first:

import ipdb;ipdb.set_trace()
import ipdb;ipdb.set_trace()

press 'c' for the first and then the bug happens.


This issue is similar to what is told in the comments of #14.

I currently have no access to a Windows setup. I'll look at this as soon as I get access again.


I think this might be related, too ipython/ipython#17 "redefining stdout in imported module breaks cmdprompt on windows"


ok, the problem is caused by ipdb/

commenting out that line solves the problem.


can you provide more details on which line to comment out?

ipdb/ is an "else" statement.


OK ... I commented out line ipdb/ which sets io.stdout and sys.stdout. Then I added a "pass" statement.

This now seems to work for me on windows.


Yes it does, sorry for the wrong line number.


is it possible to include the fix in a release of ipdb?


There is a comment on line 42 that states that 43 was done for nose.

Does one of you uses nose and can confirm that it still works on windows when line 43 is replaced by pass ?


Tested it on my Windows machine and it certainly fixes the issue


@asfaltboy Sorry, to be picky, my question did not specify what to check with nose.
#8 describes what the problem with nose was. Is that what you checked ?


I checked the issue described here (#31) by running some code and breaking into ipdb and calling ipdb again (used a simple for loop). I'm not sure if this changes when run using another package that outputs to stdout (nose/unittest/etc..), but I'm inclined to believe it's not, since it's the same code in ipdb that's run.


@rafaelolg Thanks for the fix. I had the problem under both scenarios (a) importing ipdb in Ipython or importing a module that contained an import of ipdb and (b) from the shell when running a python script that import ipdb twice. So happy to find this fix!

@apelliciari apelliciari pushed a commit to apelliciari/ipdb that referenced this issue Jan 19, 2014
apelliciari fix color break when ipdb is imported twice, see gotcha#31 e1f2041

With this patch, I can run nosetests successfully and the prompt is not garbled when using IPython. I am using Python 2.7.7 Anaconda 2.0.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 with cb04b98.

diff --git a/ipdb/ b/ipdb/
index 1618210..592892e 100644
--- a/ipdb/
+++ b/ipdb/
@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ if IPython.__version__ > '0.10.2':

     def update_stdout():
         # setup stdout to ensure output is available with nose
-        io.stdout = sys.stdout = sys.__stdout__
+        if 'nose' in sys.modules.keys():
+            io.stdout = sys.stdout = sys.__stdout__
     from IPython.Debugger import Pdb, BdbQuit_excepthook
     from IPython.Shell import IPShell

@blink1073 I just want to make sure before closing the issue, have you tried running into ipdb continuing and in the same nose run entering ipdb again? If the colored output is not garbled in that case as well then the fix in master closes the issue.


Did not work for me:

> c:\users\silvester\workspace\
      5     import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()
----> 6     time.sleep(1)
      7     import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()

ipdb> c
> ←[1;32mc:\users\silvester\workspace\←[0m(6)←[0;36mtest_something←[
←[1;32m      5 ←[1;33m    ←[1;32mimport←[0m ←[0mipdb←[0m←[1;33m;←[0m ←[0mipdb←[0
←[0m←[1;32m----> 6 ←[1;33m    ←[0mtime←[0m←[1;33m.←[0m←[0msleep←[0m←[1;33m(←[0m←
←[0m←[1;32m      7 ←[1;33m    ←[1;32mimport←[0m ←[0mipdb←[0m←[1;33m;←[0m ←[0mipd
ipdb> import ipdb
ipdb> ipdb.__path__
C:\Users\silvester\workspace\ipdb>git rev-parse HEAD


Should be fixed by 9b2f0e5

@gotcha gotcha closed this Dec 22, 2014

Confirmed, thanks @gotcha!


Works for me too, thanks!

@gotcha gotcha added the Released label Jun 4, 2015
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