Jasc Paint Shop Pro Palette file library in Node.js
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Jasc Paint Shop Pro Palette file library in Node.js.


Usage Example

let Palette = require('jascpal')
let { readFileSync, writeFileSync } = require('fs')

let pal = Palette(readFileSync('my-palette.pal'))

// pal is now an extended array of [r, g, b] colour arrays
pal.getColor(0) //→ colour at index 0
pal[0] //→ colour at index 0
pal.getColor(12) //→ colour at index 12
pal.setColor(0, [ 0xff, 0x00, 0x77 ]) //→ colour at index 0 is now #ff0077
pal[12] = [ 0xff, 0xff, 0xff ] //→ colour at index 12 is now #ffffff
pal.toString() // or
(pal + '')     //→ new palette file source

writeFileSync('my-new-palette.pal', pal.toString())


Jasc Paint Shop Pro Palette files are used in the Genie engine, of Age of Empires 2 fame, and probably somewhere else. (Paint Shop Pro? Maybe? I wouldn't know!)


let pal = Palette(buf|string)

Parses a Buffer or string into an array of colours.

let pal = Palette(array)

Adds the below Palette methods to the given array.

let pal = Palette()

Creates a new colour array with the below Palette methods.

pal[0] or pal.getColor(0)

Gets the colour at a given index. Colours are plain old [ r, g, b ] arrays, three integers between 0 and 255. Returns undefined if there is no colour at the given index.

pal[0] = color or pal.setColor(0, color)

Sets the colour at a given index. Note that it doesn't actually check if you've put in valid colours. The setColor method also returns the palette so you can chain it (pal.setColor(0, color0).setColor(2, color2)).

(pal + '') or pal.toString()

"Unparses" the colour array into a proper Palette source string.