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Santa Tracker Performance

Performance tests for Santa Tracker Android project.

The project contains Gradle Profiler benchmark scenarios to test the performance of different kinds of behavior using the Santa Tracker Android app. The repo has a submodule pointing to the Gradle fork of the official Santa Tracker repository. There is also a submodule pointing to Gradle Profiler itself.

Running a benchmark

To run a benchmark set the following environment variables:


You can customize the tool versions for the following:

  • GRADLE_VERSION for the Gradle distribution to use to run the tests
  • AGP_VERSION for the Android Gradle plugin version
  • KOTLIN_VERSION for the Kotlin Gradle plugin version

Note that if you don't set these environment variables explicitly, then the defaults from the respective scripts will be used.

You can run the incremental benchmark with the script and the Android Studio sync benchmark with the Doing so will use Gradle Profiler from the gradle-profiler submodule.

You can also pass a number as a parameter to the above tests to make it run the given number of iterations, like so:

$ AGP_VERSION=4.0.0-beta01 ./ 40

This will run 40 iterations with the default Gradle and Kotlin versions, using AGP 4.0.0-beta01.

To run just a specific set of benchmarks you can set BENCHMARK environment variable, like so:

$ BENCHMARK="no-optimizations only-file-system-watching" ./

This will run just no-optimizations and only-file-system-watching scenario.

Android Studio benchmark specifics

For Android Studio sync Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) or later is required. Additionally, you have to set ANDROID_STUDIO_INSTALL_DIR environment variable with a location of the Android Studio. On the macOS that is normally /Applications/Android

Android Studio benchmark will create an Android Studio sandbox folder in the studio-sandbox directory. This can be modified by setting ANDROID_STUDIO_SANDBOX_DIR environment variable.


Performance tests for Santa Tracker Android project


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