Refactor other.mss into different files #2

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The contents of other.mss is the same grab-back of styles rules as were left in osm.xml after the (partial) refactoring into inc files.

This doesn't help people figure out their way around the stylesheets.

Much of the file consists of the "layered lines", mainly roads but also railways and aeroways. Is there a good name for this collection of features? The rest can be spat out into other files, as appropriate.


Just some initial impressions/crackpot ideas/brainstorming to get the ball rolling on this (maybe make this into a wiki page ?)

  • Roads.mss (containing all highways) also contain things like turning circles, one way arrows, barriers, etc

    • Also place bridges, tunnels for all highways in here.
  • Railways ?
    haven't worked on any maps with both highways and railways in TM, so not sure if it should head up the other transit page or incorporate it into the roads.

  • nonlandbasedtransit - aeroways, ferry routes (right now, these features are spread out over a couple mss's - landcover, other, and ferry routes.

  • labels.mss - @springmayer can speak to this, but it's generally recommended to have a separate layer for all text labels in Tilemill (to allow proper display, have them display above other features, IIRC).
    Likely merge placenames, #roads-text-name within other.mss into this.
    (Related to: #1 )

Interested to hear what others have to say on it.


Fixed by 3c920fc

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