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gsky916 commented Feb 6, 2012

Windows 7, Greasemonkey 0.9.15.
Firefox 10 and Firefox 4.0.1, new profile, only installed greasemonkey addon, both version have the same problem.

Before gm0.9.14, install a script will display "Fetching user script" and "installed successfully" message in the status bar. Since 0.9.14(include 0.9.15) this notification bar fails to show up, I tried a few scripts, all of them meet this trouble, no matter install from local or

After all, all the scripts installed successfully and works properly, the only problem is the notification fails to show up during the the installation process.

gm0.9.13 works properly, any one can help? Many thanks!

arantius commented Feb 6, 2012

This is not an accident. Most users on Firefox 4+ have no status bar, so when the relevant code was re-written, this particular feature was not kept. I'll leave this open for now as a feature request to add it back, for if and when there's free time to work on it.

gsky916 commented Feb 7, 2012

Oh, thank you.
I was used to this notification, without it i always doubt if the script installed successfully then i need to check it in the addon manage page. It just pop up from the bottom, maybe the statusbar is not the essential part.

arantius commented Feb 7, 2012

Ah, you're referring to the toast notifications? Those should probably come back.

gsky916 commented Feb 8, 2012

Yeah, exactly, i am referring to the toast notifications, sorry for the unclear descriptions above.
Is that an accident?


(Sorry for double-notification if my attempt there worked but ...)

Can you check out the comment I just added at #1523 and respond? Thanks.


Closing this as working as intended, based on feedback in #1523.

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gsky916 commented Aug 1, 2012

Oh, thank you so much. Github did not give me a notification email.

I just found the beta version will not automatically update so I made a update manually ,then i found the toast bar came back.

It's 3 months later, thank you!

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