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Error: Invalid arguments to GM_util.hitch() when trying to use setTimeOut() #1552

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FF 12.0
GS 0.9.19

Rolling back to 0.9.18 fixes the issue.

When a script is using setTimeOut in the Error Console I see " Error: Invalid arguments to GM_util.hitch(). "


yes, I got the same problem. the same code worked just fine yesterday, and today it doesn't work anymore. I checked the add-ons in FF, it just updated the GM to 0.9.19, and it doesn't work anymore!
btw, the setInterval() works just like before.


Note: This only happens when using a string as first parameter to setTimeout, e.g.

setTimeout("alert(1)", 0);

I had it happening with either of these cases, so maybe when it parses a string?

} else {
setTimeout(function(){window.location.href = 'page.php?id=2'}, 4000);


I didn't think passing a string to setTimeout ever worked. Isn't that one of the "Greasemonkey pitfalls"?


There's two separate issues

1) If you pass a string to setTimeout it fails with "Invalid arguments to GM_util.hitch()". This used to work in 0.9.18.
2) If you use a delay of ~> 2 seconds setTimeout fails silently.

setTimeout(function() { alert('foo1'); }, 1000);  //This works
setTimeout(function() { alert('foo2'); }, 5000);  //This fails silently
setTimeout("alert('foo3')", 2000);  //This fails with GM_util error
@arantius arantius added a commit to arantius/greasemonkey that referenced this issue
@arantius arantius Revert "Inject a custom setTimeout method into the sandbox."
This reverts commit 7eccacb.

Fixes #1549, #1552, #1553
Refs #1209
@arantius arantius closed this
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