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Niffler is a grin gui wallet. support mac/linux/win
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Niffler Wallet

English | 简体中文

Niffler is a out-of-the box user-friendly gui Grin wallet. The name 'Niffler' comes from "harry potter".


Windows/Mac/linux version:

Niffler wallet V0.3.0 add hedwig v1 relay service, so User without public ip could receive grin really easy :)

In other words,You could withdraw grin from any exchanges and miner pool effortlessly.


Contact me:

Gitter room:

Logo made by @Duoasa


  • Use the official Grin binaries as back-end, and elctron-vue to build gui.

  • Works on mac/linux/windows, and Support multiple languages(now is for English and 简体中文)


Create new wallet

create new wallet

Send grin

send grin

Receive grin

receive grin

Build Setup

# clone
git clone && cd niffler

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build electron application for production
npm run build

Help wanted

Code pull request is always welcome.

More specific, it will be much appreciate if any designer from community could make a logo for Niffler :-)

We now have a wonderful logo from chinese grin community.

Logo made by @Duoasa, and also thanks @机械师区块链

Translate to other languages is wanted, too. checkout lang folder.

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