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This mod adds textures to ACE trenches based on the current ground texture. When placing a trench you can already see a preview how the trench will look like when placing it. Players can also camouflage their trenches with small bushes.

More images can be found here.


  • Supported on 22 Maps (Vanilla, CUP and more)
  • Custom map config, add your own map if it is not supported
  • Camouflage your trench with small bushes
  • Place trenches in 3DEN and camouflage them directly
  • New trenches to place
    • Giant trench where soldiers can stand behind
    • Vehicle trench to cover vulnerable parts of tanks
    • Short trench to quickly provide cover for 1-2 soldiers

Supported maps


  • Arma 3 1.76 or later
  • ACE3 3.11.0 or later
  • CBA_A3 3.5.0 or later



Downloads can be found under Releases.

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This project is licensed under GPLv2.
We kindly request to not upload this mod to Armaholic or other mirrors for Arma 3 mods.
Plus, we ask you to not create mirrors in Steam Workshop.

Bugs and Contributions

Contributions and bug reports are well appreciated. Feel free to fork this project or to create issues.


When encountering an error message when placing a trench please atatch your RPT-File so we can directly analyze the problem.

Automatic Terrain Texture path (disabled by default)

This feature will try to gather the right path from the game data. This does not always work.

Add own map

It is not possible to automaticially get the path to the ground texture. Therefore maps have to be included in a config to work with GRAD trenches. This config is located here.

We will take Altis as an example:
Adding a map by your own can be done by any additional mod. You don't have to edit the source. Just create a mod and add grad_trenches_functions to requiredAddons in your CfgPatches.

Then create a config and add this skeleton to it

class CfgWorldsTextures {
    class Altis {
        surfaceTextureBasePath = "";
        suffix = "";

The class name is the map name that can be found out by using the worldName command.

Now you have to fill in surfaceTextureBasePath. Usually this path can be found at
configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> "Altis" >> "OutsideTerrain" >> "Layers" >> "Layer0" >> "texture"
when leaving out the file name of the texture.
On Altis the result is A3\Map_Data\gdt_seabed_co.paa. We will strip out the file name and will get this config as a result:

class CfgWorldsTextures {
    class Altis {
        surfaceTextureBasePath = "A3\Map_Data\";
        suffix = "";

Make sure to keep the trailing backslash.

The texture name for gdt seabed is missing the extension _co.paa. Therefore we have to set this as the file prefix leaving out the leading underscore.

class CfgWorldsTextures {
    class Altis {
        surfaceTextureBasePath = "A3\Map_Data\";
        suffix = "co.paa";

Exceptional case: Texture name is different to file name

Some maps like Utes just have one texture name that is different to the file name. For this purpose it is possible to hardcode single textures along with their absolute file paths.

class utes {
    surfaceTextureBasePath = "ca\utes\Data\";
    suffix = "detail_co.paa";

    class Surfaces {
        class Default {
            texturePath = "a3\map_data\gdt_beach_co.paa";

In this case Default is the ground texture name.

More images

Click on the images to see a high quality version a.jpg
b.jpg Altis Chernarus Takistan Summer Chernarus Vehicle trench