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F# library for querying real time stock market data including indexes such as NASDAQ and the S&P500
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F# library for querying real time stock market data including indexes such as NASDAQ and the S&P500. This is a replacement for YFinance.fs, since Yahoo service on which it's based is now shutdown. It gathers data from Financial Modeling Prep.

Build and run the CLI app

NOTE: .NET Core 3.0 or higher is required.

# clone the repository
$ git clone

# build the CLI app
$ paket install && dotnet restore
$ cd quote.fs/src/QuoteFs
$ dotnet build -c release

# execute the CLI app
./artifacts/QuoteFs.CLI/Release/netcoreapp3.0/quote --help
quote 0.1.0-pre
Copyright © Giacomo Stelluti Scala, 2019

  -s, --symbol            Prints the detail of a stock quote

  -r, --realtime-price    Prints the real time price a stock quote

  -c, --crypto            Prints the price a cryptocurrency

  --help                  Display this help screen.

  --version               Display version information.

C# Sample

Query static class is provided to supply a more convenient C# interface. You can use CSharpx to consume in a more accessible and functional way FSharpResult<T, TError> type from C#.

using CSharpx.FSharp;
using QuoteFs;

foreach (var ticker in Query.MajorIndexes) {
    var result = Query.GetIndex(ticker);
        index => Console.WriteLine($"{index.Name} {index.Price}"),
        error => Console.WriteLine($"Trouble: {error}"));

F# Interactive

> #r @"...\quote.fs\packages\FSharp.Data\lib\netstandard2.0\FSharp.Data.dll";;
> #r @"...\quote.fs\packages\Thoth.Json.Net\lib\netstandard2.0\Thoth.Json.Net.dll";;
> #r @"...\quote.fs\artifacts\QuoteFs\Debug\netstandard2.0\QuoteFs.dll";;
> open QuoteFs.Finance;;
> getStockQuote "MSFT";;
val it : Result<QuoteFs.StockQuote,string> =
    { Symbol = "MSFT"
      Volatility = 1.216475
      Executive = "Satya Nadella"
      Change = -0.63
      ChangesPercent = -0.39
      CompanyName = "Microsoft Corporation"
      CompanyDescription =
                          "Microsoft Corp is a technology company. It develop, license, and support a wide range of software products and services. Its business is organized into three segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing."
      Index = "Nasdaq Global Select"
      ImageUrl = ""
      Industry = "Application Software"
      LastDividend = 1.84
      Capitalization = 1217973655000L
      Price = 158.74
      DayMin = 90.28
      DayMax = 120.98
      Sector = "Technology"
      AverageVolume = 31780446
      WebSite = "" }
> getIndex ".DJI";;
val it : Result<QuoteFs.Index,string> = Ok { Ticker = ".DJI"
                                             Name = "Dow Jones"
                                             Change = 81.5508
                                             Price = 28634.9 }




  • This is a pre-release.
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