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MOSFiT (Modular Open-Source Fitter for Transients) is a Python 2.7/3.x package for fitting, sharing, and estimating the parameters of transients via user-contributed transient models. Data for a transient can either be provided by the user in a wide range of formats (JSON, ASCII tables, CDS, LaTeX), or can be pulled automatically from one of the Open Catalogs (e.g. the Open Supernova Catalog, Open TDE Catalog, and Open Nova Catalog) by its name. With the use of an optional upload flag, fits performed by users can then be uploaded back to the Open Catalogs for the benefit of the transient community.


MOSFiT is available on conda and pip, and can be installed using:

conda install -c conda-forge mosfit


pip install mosfit

For a development install of MOSFiT, the repository should be cloned from GitHub and then installed into your Python environment via the script:

git clone
python develop

Using MOSFiT

For detailed instructions on using MOSFiT, please see our documentation on RTD: