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Welcome to the StupidGit wiki!


StupidGit is a cross-platform git GUI with strong support for submodules.

The goal of the project is to create a full-featured, yet simple to use GUI that is even usable by beginners (stupid git users :)) on every major platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). The project is very early in development, yet it is comparable with popular git GUIs such as GitX or qgit.

One of StupidGit’s unique features is the support for submodules: users can easily switch between the modules of the repository, see the referenced submodule version for a superproject commit, auto-switching submodule versions when switching superproject version, etc.

For more information see Project goals.


Currently the following functions are implemented:

  • gitk-like history graph and diff viewer
  • Index editor (stage / unstage modified files)
  • Quick switcher between submodules
  • Commit / amend commit, set committer name/email
  • Easy-to-use switch tool that also switches submodule versions if asked
  • Merge, resolve conflicts with external merge tool
  • Cherry-pick, revert commit