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* @habitat-sh/habitat-core-plans-maintainers
scaffolding-* @habitat-sh/scaffolding-maintainers
# Builder Plans
# All of these plans are critical for Builder's operation and build
libarchive @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
libsodium @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
nginx @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
postgresql @reset @fnichol @irvingpop @raskchanky @nellshamrell
protobuf @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
protobuf-rust @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
zeromq @reset @fnichol @raskchanky @nellshamrell
# # Base Plans
# These plans are known as "base" plans which are used to build Habitat from
# nothing and are in build order. Consequently, these need a closer look when
# accepting changes, updating versions, etc.
linux-headers @fnichol @smacfarlane
glibc @fnichol @reset @smacfarlane
zlib @fnichol @smacfarlane
file @fnichol @smacfarlane
binutils @fnichol @smacfarlane
m4 @fnichol @smacfarlane
gmp @fnichol @smacfarlane
mpfr @fnichol @smacfarlane
libmpc @fnichol @smacfarlane
gcc @fnichol @smacfarlane
gcc-libs @fnichol @reset @smacfarlane
patchelf @fnichol @smacfarlane
bzip2 @fnichol @smacfarlane
pkg-config @fnichol @smacfarlane
ncurses @fnichol @smacfarlane
attr @fnichol @smacfarlane
acl @fnichol @smacfarlane
libcap @fnichol @smacfarlane
sed @fnichol @smacfarlane
shadow @fnichol @smacfarlane
psmisc @fnichol @smacfarlane
procps-ng @fnichol @smacfarlane
coreutils @fnichol @smacfarlane
bison @fnichol @smacfarlane
flex @fnichol @smacfarlane
pcre @fnichol @smacfarlane
grep @fnichol @smacfarlane
readline @fnichol @smacfarlane
bash @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
bc @fnichol @smacfarlane
tar @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
gawk @fnichol @smacfarlane
libtool @fnichol @smacfarlane
gdbm @fnichol @smacfarlane
expat @fnichol @smacfarlane
db @fnichol @smacfarlane
inetutils @fnichol @smacfarlane
iana-etc @fnichol @smacfarlane
less @fnichol @smacfarlane
perl @fnichol @smacfarlane
diffutils @fnichol @smacfarlane
autoconf @fnichol @smacfarlane
automake @fnichol @smacfarlane
findutils @fnichol @smacfarlane
xz @fnichol @smacfarlane
gettext @fnichol @smacfarlane
gzip @fnichol @smacfarlane
make @fnichol @smacfarlane
patch @fnichol @smacfarlane
texinfo @fnichol @smacfarlane
util-linux @fnichol @smacfarlane
tcl @fnichol @smacfarlane
expect @fnichol @smacfarlane
dejagnu @fnichol @smacfarlane
check @fnichol @smacfarlane
libidn @fnichol @smacfarlane
cacerts @fnichol @smacfarlane
openssl @fnichol @reset @echohack @smacfarlane
wget @fnichol @smacfarlane
unzip @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
rq @fnichol @smacfarlane
linux-headers-musl @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
musl @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
busybox-static @fnichol @smacfarlane
zlib-musl @fnichol @smacfarlane
bzip2-musl @fnichol @smacfarlane
xz-musl @fnichol @smacfarlane
libsodium-musl @fnichol @reset @smacfarlane
openssl-musl @fnichol @smacfarlane
libarchive-musl @fnichol @reset @smacfarlane
rust @fnichol @reset @raskchanky @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
vim @fnichol @nellshamrell @smacfarlane
libbsd @fnichol @smacfarlane
clens @fnichol @smacfarlane
mg @fnichol @smacfarlane
powershell @mwrock
7zip @mwrock
docker-credential-helper @mwrock
lessmsi @mwrock
visual-cpp-build-tools-2015 @mwrock
visual-cpp-redist-2013 @mwrock
wix @mwrock
# # Community Plans
# These plans are contributed and supported by community members, and are
# not critical for the build/development of Habitat itself. Election or
# inclusion here is voluntary.
# This list shall be alphabetical, for sanity purposes.
acbuild @rsertelon
alex @wduncanfraser
artifactory-pro @defilan
atk @rsertelon
benchmark @bdangit
cabal-install @wduncanfraser
cairo @rsertelon
cerebro @predominant
concourse @echohack
concourse-fly @echohack
consul @defilan
cuda @bdangit
cuda-libs @bdangit
dep @afiune @nellshamrell
dotnet-47-dev-pack @mwrock
dotnet-asp-core @defilan
dotnet-core-lts @mwrock
dotnet-core-sdk-lts @mwrock
dotnet-core-sdk-preview @mwrock
dotnet-core-sdkdotnet-core @mwrock
dsc-core @mwrock
elasticsearch @joshbrand @predominant
filebeat @predominant
gdk-pixbuf @rsertelon
glib @rsertelon
ghc @wduncanfraser
ghc710 @wduncanfraser
ghc710-bootstrap @wduncanfraser
ghc80 @wduncanfraser
ghc82 @wduncanfraser
ghc82-bootstrap @wduncanfraser
ghc84 @wduncanfraser
go @afiune @nellshamrell
gocd-server @predominant
googletest @bdangit
grpcurl @afiune
gtk2 @rsertelon
happy @wduncanfraser
harfbuzz @rsertelon
hugo @tduffield @cnunciato @predominant
innounp @mwrock
jdk7 @predominant @rsertelon
jdk8 @predominant @rsertelon
jdk9 @predominant @rsertelon
jenkins @predominant
jre7 @predominant @rsertelon
jre8 @predominant @rsertelon
jre9 @predominant @rsertelon
kibana @joshbrand @predominant
logstash @joshbrand @predominant
libimagequant @predominant
libtalloc @defilan
mage @predominant
monit @rsertelon
mosquitto @rsertelon
mssql @mwrock
nano @predominant
nmap @defilan
nuget @mwrock
openjdk11 @irvingpop
optipng @predominant
p4broker @dbhagen
pango @rsertelon
pngquant @predominant
postgresql-client @joshbrand @irvingpop
prometheus-cpp @bdangit
protobuf-cpp @afiune
rabbitmqadmin @predominant
redis @irvingpop
shared-mime-info @rsertelon
shellcheck @wduncanfraser
sqitch @irvingpop
sqitch_pg @irvingpop
sqlserver @mwrock
sqlserver-ha-ag @mwrock
terraform @defilan @echohack
vault @defilan
visual-build-tools-2017 @mwrock
wrk @afiune