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Read a java properties file in python
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Read the key, element pairs from a java properties file

Follows the java properties file format and tested against the Java 8 version of java.util.Properties


dict getJavaProperties(file)

  • Args:
    • file: a valid file object (as returned by open(filename))
  • Returns:
    • The property key and elements as a dict
  • Raises:
    • IOError: if file operation fails with I/O related reason
      • Corresponds to java IOException in Properties.load()
    • UnicodeDecodeError: if the property file has malformed \uxxxx encoding,
      • Corresponds to java IllegalArgumentException in Properties.load()
    • AttributeError: if invalid object was provided for file object
      • Corresponds to java NullPointerException


import jprops

props = jprops.getJavaProperties(open(""))
print props['greeting']
$ cat
greeting = hello world
$ python
hello world
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