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a wiimote to twitter thingy
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a wiimote to twitter thingy. by Wesley Hill (@hakobyte)

twiimote is a small toy program that 'connects your wiimote to twitter'. it's as simple as that.

Real reason: I wrote this application just for fun because I was bored due to A Level revision/exams :/





You're gonna need some stuff in order to get twiimote up and running:

  • Bluetooth/adapter

  • A Nintendo Wiimote RVL-CNT-01

    • The motionplus version of the wiimote (Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR) reportedly works through the 'sync' button. But it's not been tested.
  • Linux or a VM. Virtualbox (for windows and mac users)


twiimote requires python-cwiid and python-bluez bluez & obviously pip

sudo apt-get install python-cwiid python-bluez bluez


sudo pip install twiimote

keep in mind twiimote only works on GNU/Linux.

not mac or windows.


open a terminal and launch:


that's it!

When inside twiimote press these buttons to navigate.

Home = Home Timeline - press Home to exit

1 = List @Mentions

2 = List DM's

A = ?????

B = Hashtag tracking. - press Home to exit.

Minus = Exit


twiimote not behaving itself?

contact me on twitter or by e-mail here.

or fork this repo and contribute! :D


twython by @ryanmcgrath - for the awesome twitter api wrapper in python.

colorama by Jonathan Hartley - for pwetty terminal colours.

Nintendo - for the wiimote duh.


twiimote is free software.

twiimote is licensed under the MIT license


munchi says thanks, for using this software, knowing that you will do good with it.

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