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The HAProxy documentation has been split into a number of different files for
ease of use.

Please refer to the following files depending on what you're looking for :

  - INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install HAProxy
  - BRANCHES to understand the project's life cycle and what version to use
  - LICENSE for the project's license
  - CONTRIBUTING for the process to follow to submit contributions

The more detailed documentation is located into the doc/ directory :

  - doc/intro.txt for a quick introduction on HAProxy
  - doc/configuration.txt for the configuration's reference manual
  - doc/lua.txt for the Lua's reference manual
  - doc/SPOE.txt for how to use the SPOE engine
  - doc/network-namespaces.txt for how to use network namespaces under Linux
  - doc/management.txt for the management guide
  - doc/regression-testing.txt for how to use the regression testing suite
  - doc/peers.txt for the peers protocol reference
  - doc/coding-style.txt for how to adopt HAProxy's coding style
  - doc/internals for developer-specific documentation (not all up to date)