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A 3D, LAN FPS game of hamster balls flying around and shooting lasers written in Haskell

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Installation instruction

1. Download source code:
    git clone git://
    cd hamball
2a. (Preferred) Use cabal.
    cabal install
2b. (Only if you're too lazy to use cabal and are advanterous -- you may need to manually install additional dependencies)


v0.1 of this game was written in Haskell, in Spring 2009, by:
Harley Trung
David Costanzo
Alexander Thompson
Matthew Sills

v0.2 was released and is currently maintained by Harley Trung.  Please send a github message if you have any question/comment/suggestion.

Yampa (v0.1 used YampaMod, our customized version of Yampa, but v0.2 now uses the original Yampa)
OpenGL- (OpenGL- will break because they define their own GLfloat data type)


Currently this breaks with OpenGL- because they define GLfloat as a newtype instead of Float like before. I haven't looked much into fixing this.  Maybe in the future or if you already have an idea, please let me know (github message!)

Cabal dependencies should take care of this, but otherwise juse:
    cabal install OpenGL-

If you get -lXrandr or -lGLU error, make sure you have libxrandr-dev and libghc-opengl-dev installed.
Eg. For Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install libxrandr-dev libghc6-opengl-dev

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