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Remove errornous accessor functions #94

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Hi again,

I think that there was an "accident" when merging a pull request, I think I fixed it.
The functions haskell-command-get/haskell-command-set are really unnecessary... since I refactored to use cl structs. All accessor are generated by defstruct.

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@sheyll sheyll reopened this
@chrisdone chrisdone closed this in 5c4d9ff
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Commits on Nov 20, 2012
  1. @sheyll
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  1. +0 −13 haskell-process.el
13 haskell-process.el
@@ -835,17 +835,4 @@ to be loaded by ghci."
(haskell-command-state command)
-(defun haskell-command-get (s key)
- "Get the command `key'."
- (let ((x (assoc key s)))
- (when x
- (cdr x))))
-(defun haskell-command-set (s key value)
- "Set the command's `key'."
- (delete-if (lambda (prop) (equal (car prop) key)) s)
- (setf (cdr s) (cons (cons key value)
- (cdr s)))
- s)
(provide 'haskell-process)
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